A long & meaningless entry.

February 10, 2009

Okay, I'm finally done with packing all the clothes which all will be mail out tomorrow! And it's super tiring man! :(

Mummy was asking me the other day that whether will I earn money from opening this online store cause recently she kept notice that I was really busy, like staying up till the morning to do all related stuff (reply email, packing etc.).

And also, removing all the threads that is on all the clothes before I send out (and it's not easy lor, I fucking spend close to 1 hours doing that everyday).

All the stupid threads -.-!

A hand written 'Thank You' note to be placed together with all those items that you people purchase!

Yah, like this!

Alright and getting back to the topic on earning money...

After I did some calculations, I found out that I'm still losing money lor, not even talking about any profit yet!!!

SIAO ANOT???!!!!!

Everyone will sure think I got earn because quite a number of the apparels are all sold pretty fast or all under pending status already, BUT NOT REALLY LEH.

Mummy keep think that the price that I'm selling my stuff is way to low, but to me right, I want to sell my stuff at a really affordable price and the thing looks great too!

Cause I'm someone who is like this! I like to buy really nice clothing or stuff but the price is like damn affordable, where people will think it's much more worth the price! :)

Er... So..

I reckon I won't be losing money if all my apparels are all sold out?

Cause now starting what, it's like that de mah! No meah?

Aiya, I need some maths people to do all the accounting for me man cause I really do suck at maths though!! But should be won't lose money if it's all sold what, if not I'll like immediately close down my online store man!! And can declare I totally can't cut out to be a business man!

Well, but it's nice to see people like the apparels that I'm selling cause whatever I sell is what I like too!!!

But I didn't keep alot for myself cause many of the stuff I only get like 1-2 pieces which then makes it not-so-common!!

Really have to thanks my mummy for helping me to mail out the items, Ran for helping me with the pictures etc! Also, Angie, ZJ and baby for helping me to model for my new collection! :D

Bffs! <3

Anyway, I finally ended my shitty internship and will be going back to school tomorrow to do a presentation on it!!

I think I'll do the presentation slides tomorrow morning in school cause it's just a 5 minutes presentation and it's like no kick one lah!

Talking about my internship, here are some pictures!! :)

Shared desk with Irene!

We ordered Mac delivery the other time and I help them to calculate out the amount to pay!

And she's... Irene!

I really really really have to thank her treating me really well and taking good care of me for the past miserable few months!

I think without her right, it would have been more miserable man!! She treats me like her little brother and I really like the feeling of having a older sister! :)

She's really sweet to me lor!!!!!

And she looks really young at her age man, I didn't know she's already 28 years old and should be turning 29 this year!

See what she wrote it on her calender!

Another one....

A small banana they gave me!

And then, I start taking the pictures of the banana with my phone!

Banana Icecream Phone!!

Talking about my icecream phone....

I did take few pictures of it the other time but it's like way too common now cause everyone is having it!!! I bought it the first few weeks when it arrive in Singapore lor but now I can see alot of people carrying it which makes it really typical...

Still, since I already edit it and upload it up the last time, I'll just put it up and show you peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The 'typical' is done by Jayden!

But I went to service my phone the other time and it's now gone cause they erase all the data and I don't have the patient to slowly dot it back, thus I make a simple 'Ben + a smiley beside it' for now!

Orange LED! Chio!

Orange numbering keypad + light = CHIOO!

But chio so what! Everyone is having it now! *yawns*

The finished banana!

Camera pouch & my phone (again)!

The phone can only call to Batam!

My side extension number is 31!

The mysterious hand! Muahahahahaha!
I still edit to B&W somemore leh!


I know it's all like crappy stuff but working there really bores me out and I seriously do not know what the lecturers will think when after they see my presentation on what I've done these few months lor. I shall go bed now!! Nights!!!


I know that it's way too abruptly to end lah, but I like! :p

p/s: Ohhh yahh!! I think I missed out 2 pictures where I find Irene is damn funny and cute to do so!

A picture on her desk!

And when we're all wondering why does it have a post pad covering and sticking onto the photo, we flip it up and saw this...

Tahhh Dahhhhhh!

Do you all know who is that person is?

It's freaking easy lah, I'm sure you all know!!!!


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