Shorty shorty short!

October 26, 2009

Alright! I'm back at home now!


Today we're having some sort of like cohesion thingy where we go out with our commanders and our fellow mates to have fun! We went for sushi buffet (ate lots of fresh oyster!!) then lan gaming which sucks cause they played CS!

It's sort of like bonding for the all of us lah!

Well, booking in back to camp in like an hour time! Zzzzzzz!

Anyhow, was thinking about some stuff and random thoughts just came to me thus I've decided to blog it down (but I don't think I've the time to blog it down already, so next entry instead okayyy?)!

Since I also haven't really blog properly for so long already!

I really want and hope to have like maybe few hours daily catered solely for me to pen down what I wanna say and thoughts that I'm thinking that day! Which is pretty impossible cause I'll be in camp for like 5 days a week? :(

Weekends, I'll most likely be hanging out with my love ones or attending events (which I've been going for for past few weeks) and thus really got no time to really blog what I want to blog! Pretty sucked!

Okay, I don't know what I'm talking about...

But I'm not and never going to let my blog be dead (though it's pretty much dead now!) just because of having to serve the nation!

That's the promise I made to myself, so I'm really trying!

So you all also cannot leave me okay? Do come back daily cause I might just surprise you with updates! Just like this one! Ha!

And and and, I know you all still love me! YAY! :D

Hao de! Gonna prepare and book in now! Kuuu Biee!


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