Step step swagger!

April 21, 2010



Good day good day! :)

I'm actually quite amazed by myself that I'm updating this space pretty often now! Though it's not some long ass entry (even I want also cannot cause the blog pagination thingy is damn annoying and will ended up just showing 1 entry on the main), but at least I'm updating!!

Which is what many of you guys prefer!

Of me updating frequently rather than piling up all and chunk out a long entry once in awhile! Right right right?!!

But I know some are annoyed by me only posting up pictures with captions, but that's how I blog what!

I mean, I'll still be blogging the same way like I always do still! It's just that maybe I haven't been writing that much lately only!

Whatever it is! It's all ns fault! :(

Okay! Picturey pictures time! Hahahahaha!


Out with Weller & Kenny for dinner!


The 3 of us!


Love my hair!


My current phone (Htc Snap), wallet and camera pouch!

The polka dots pouch is from Daiso! Cheap trills!

And I just realise that, up till now I still haven't show you all my new orangey camera! Omgggg! It's really mad pretty!!

Show you all the next entry! :)

Was going through the pictures and realise both of them are doing the same action and pose when I took pictures of them individually!

You seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Kenny doing the same pose as....


Weller? Hahahahahahaha!


Island Creamery with Weller & Baby Tat!


My yummy Nutella icecream!!! Mad nice!!!

Fingers pop over my place to bai nian with my mummy!

Love how my friends are that close with my mum and how they treat each other like friends like that! They even text each other sometimes also!

Damn siaoooooooo one them!


Kx, Zj, Angie, me and Ting!

I think I look quite horrible here but they all look pretty good, so I decided to just put it up still! Not as if you guys never see my unglam pics before! :)


All of us with mummy!


Steamboatttttttttttttt! Ran joins us too!



Went outside my neighbour's house to take pics with the Cny ornament!

Okay! Pictures of my orangey camera tomorrow! :)

Shall end abruptly here! Time to go watch my drama already!


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