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May 14, 2010

Live It Up Without Lighting Up 2010 Digital Ambassador

I'm proud, I'm proud to say that....


I'm one of HPB’s official digital ambassador for this year's, Live It Up Without Lighting Up 2010, National Tobacco Control Campaign!!!

It's really awesome how this thing comes about!

Cause since I was young, I always got a strong stand against smoking and I remember I did sign a pledge in my primary school days, vowing that I'll not smoke for the rest of my life and even had my parents to be my witness!

And I so want to show you guys the book! But I can't seems to find it in my room anymore (I think mummy kept them all in the storeroom)!

But even if it's lost or we threw it away during spring cleaning, I'll never break that pledge that I actually made 11 years back, that is, not to smoke!

I think people who know me in real life, know how much I'm against smoking and also, people around me to smoke (be it friends or family). So writing this, suddenly become so easy and everything just naturally comes out like that.

Reasons of me against smoking?

♥ I wanna look good!

Me as usual, want myself to look good! :)

I don't want bad breath, yellow teeth and most importantly, look old and ugly! Cause generally, smokers will look much older than they are!!!

Maybe that's one of the reason why I still look so boyish and young at this age, and I'm loving it! Hahaha! It's really a good thing!


Trying to look even younger by holding a lollipop! Hahaha! :p

Though sometimes it's kinda annoying even when I want to watch a NC16 movie, they also wanna check my IC cause they think I'm underage!!!!! -.-

Really abit zua zhang, and siao lor!!!

But I take it all as a compliment for myself! Everyone wants to look younger what, including me! And smoking plays a huge role on this, seriously!

Anyway, take a look at how will I look if I smoke, when I'm older...


How horrifying can that be!!

♥ NS makes me see the difference!

Going though National Service, especially the days in BMT, makes me realise and see the huge difference between smokers and non smokers cause that's when our physical fitness comes to play a part.

Although I'm not muscular and stuff, but I can say that I can go through all the training with ease (my IPPT got at least Silver okay!) and have better physical endurance than friends who are in there that smoke!

Research has shown that...

Smoking actually decreases the amount of oxygen on the body and increases the resting heart rate and blood pressure that will reduces physical endurance.


Smokers suffer shortness of breath 3 times more often than non smokers!

It's really true!!!!!!

People who smoke tends to higher levels of fatigue during exercise and recovery, thus, they couldn't perform well during physical activities!

And that's what I see in some of my mates in BMT!!

Worse is that, it's really hard to have time for them to smoke in BMT (especially when going for outfield), so it's a hard time for heavy smokers!

Cause they can't get to smoke at all!!

Some ended up having difficulty to sleep, or couldn't perform well.

I know that all these above might not apply to all of the smokers but although they are performing well physically for now, it does not last long.

Cause as our body ages, the side effects of smoking will still hit on them!

♥ Illness and cancer!


We all know smoking kills don't we?

So I don't understand why some people still wants to smoke!

Smoking deteriorate our health, making us more prone to disease and illness! Which obviously make us die at a younger age, cause smokers can easily get lung cancer and all sorts of illness that are torturing!!

I've seen alot of smokers (my army mates), when can't get to smoke, they will falls sick pretty easily! Like flu or cough!

So why wanna suffer, when you can actually not?

♥ Money money money!

Two simple word: WASTE MONEY!!!

So you know how much pretty and awesome stuff, you can buy from all the money you're spending on cigarette?? ALOT!!!!!

Especially for those who are still schooling or in NS!

With your allowance that little, spending money on cigarette is real stupid! Cause you can actually get to spend more on food, clothes, accessories, gadgets, labels, or not, just save them up for future use!

Everything but cigarette!

Cause you're not spending your money on things that are worth buying for! You can't use it, wear it, flaunt it, but practically buying....


Dirt? Or I can say, stuff that harm your body! :(

♥ Harming not only yourself!

Smoking does not only harm yourself but the people around you too!

From what I've known, passive smokers actually fall ill more often than smokers! That’s because these passive smokers are usually women or children, who have weaker constitutions. Shame on us men for bringing ill-health upon our loved ones.

We should spare a thoughts for our loves one, yah?

♥ Put yummy things into your mouth instead!

I don't know why people choose to put cigarette into their mouth, when they can get to put more delicious stuff instead! For example....




Last but not least,

♥ We can do something together!!!!

To celebrate World No Tobacco Day, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in partnership with Mediacorp 987FM, brings us the Singapore’s first Great Audio Experience on the 29th May!!!!

It's gonna be great cause we finally can get to see each other!

For those who have email me before for gathering and stuff, now it's the chance for us to gather, and for a good cause somemore! :D

All you have to do is to go over to... to register your attendance!

Register now and you will stand a chance to win 1 of the 3 “Live it up” iPads (16GB)! And you can refer your friends and increase your chance of winning an iPad when you and they turn up at the event!

Oh! And I'll be over at Heeren! So remember to choose your preferred starting location to be at; The Heeren Shops, if you want to see me! :)

So see you guys there! Remember to bring your camera!

Or actually, I don't really mind if you also bring some gummy sweets along! Or maybe pocky? Or or or or or..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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  1. haha i so agree with you ^_^
    especially the part, when your in ns and smokers and non smokers can be tell apart etc etc like, non smokers can tahan physical work outs while smokers will be breathless etc. haha!