Have you watch the Go Green video?

May 12, 2010

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Remember my last post about Going Green together?

I'm sure you guys remember! Especially about the contest right? :)

Where you guys can just submit photos on how you Go Green in your daily life, or maybe a video of the Go Green song and will then get yourself a chance to win awesome prizes like; the tickets to Universal Studio!

I know some of you guys have already submitted!

But but but!!! Do you all know that the MTV VJ, Denise Keller....



And founder of 77th Street, Elim Chew is also singing along to the “Let’s Make Our World the Most Beautiful Home” song too??

I know some of you sure don't know about it righttttttttt!!!

I just watch the re-make music video featuring them over at their Facebook page and it's really mad cuteeeeee!!!!!

Cause there are small kids, uncles and aunties! Hahaha!

People from different traits in our life, singing and re-making the video together (not forgetting Denise Killer is really hot inside), so you all can go sing along with them and at the same time, win prizes!!!! Yayyy!

But of course...

For those who are not confident about their singing, like me, can choose to submit and or videos with a "Go Green" tip instead! I've just submitted the one where I took with the reusable bag in my previous post! Hahahaha!

I think sharing a simple way of how you go green is pretty easy!

Anyway, the Facebook contest page is HERE (clickable)!

So head over to submit if you haven't or want to submit more! Or even vote for your favourite entries there! Voters also can win prizes too! :)

Let's go green together and join the contest!


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  1. noelletpl9:17 pm

    READ LE ~~~

  2. i tink de pic of  denise keller  is not as pretty as u  said, her mouth  rather wide, don u realised??

  3. hey ben, y do u have so many expressions  when comes 2  taking photos?? u'r quite bubbly  guy i tink