My 2010 mini recap!

December 31, 2010

So I decided to do a mini recap of what I've done for this year, 2010!

You know, just some stuff that I remember....


Had the biggest and most memorable
21st birthday party,
where I invited people that plays an important role in my 21 years of life!

Blogged about some
relationship issues, which cause one of my friend in my poly clique having the thought that I'm saying about her in the entry. And causes me to lose a friend.

Deleted (and still deleting) unknown people in my personal Facebook acoount,
created a Facebook page instead!


Changed to another
pretty orange camera!
Which I love it alot and been using it for close to a year already!

Rank above
typical on Google! Hahahaha!

Changed to a new layout for my blog!
Something more simple and with
huge big ass pictures!

Fainted for the first time in my life, and I thought I was dying or already dead at that point of time!


Being one of the
Digital Ambassador for HPB's Live It Up Without Lighting Up 2010 campaign
and lead my followers for a
flash mob event at Ochard Road!

Involved in
NDP this year in the mobile column sector!
And saw a
unflattering picture of myself taken by the NDP peeps on Facebook!


Bought a
LV bag for mummy, as her birthday present!


Dyed my hair even though I'm in the army!

Injured myself during outfield, which causes a scar now!
First time in my life where I'm being injured till so bad!


Traveled to Hong Kong, Batam, Malacca, Genting and KL!
And this year, I finally
lose my virginity for plane ride, when I travel to Hong Kong!

Changed 4 army phones this year (nokia e51/htc snap/htc touch),
and finally using a
Blackberry Bold 9000 (non-camera version) now!

Did a number of
awesome advertorials where I get to experience different stuff and attending various events!
Also getting various sponsorship, like hair and waxing!


Got invited to give a talk over at the
Youth Marketing Asia Conference 2010!
Where I talk about myself and youth trends to executives/directors of various companies!

It's been really fast, and I still cannot believe that this year is coming to an end already!

But actually I can say that I'm really looking forward to next year (finally going to ord already! yay!), cause I'm sure it will be a even better year for you and me!

And as you people are reading this now, I'm actually doing duty protecting the skies while you guys enjoy and celebrate! So just enjoy and have fun! Happy new year to all those that have been with me all these while, I'm really glad that I've got you guys and you people really keep me going!

Thanks and many many loves!


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