Hong Kong Trip'10 (Part One)

December 29, 2010

Yay! I'm finally gonna blog about this Hong Kong trip I went, way back in June!

Well, I took quite a number of pictures this time round, about 3k!

So I think I'm going to split the whole trip up to maybe 2-3 parts to blog, if not I think I'll just die from editing, uploading and arranging the pictures here! Hahahahaha!

Yea, so I went Hong Kong for 5D4N with (my love) Fingers!

We are all very excited and looking forward to this trip, cause it's our first time going overseas together, even though we knew each other for like so long already!


Our passport! Still loving my orange passport holder!


First time on the plane!

I know this may seems shocking to most of you people, cause almost everyone don't believe me when I say I didn't actually been on a plane before! But indeed this is the very first time that I actually get on a airplane, after 21 years of my life!!! Make me sound so sua ku! :(

But because I don't come from a rich family, so I don't get the privilege to travel overseas when I was a kid! But now, at least I'm using my own money to travel! And it feels even better this way and it's something I can be proud of which those rich ass kid can't!

Yah yah, say I'm jealous... Fuckoff!


Sitting beside Angie on the plane!


Random stuff inside my bag!


Show you all my pretty organiser book from kikki.K, a gift from my friend!


Got pretty stickers inside too, which I don't even bear to use them!



Love all the fluffy clouds! So pretty! :)

And after hours of boring journey, we finally reach.....


HONG KONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello, all of you in red!


Saw my yellow luggage?! Hahahahah!

And now I totally regret buying it cause after buying it right, I see many other luggage that are in orange colour which is much more nicer and prettier than what I've bought!! Damnit!!


Camwhore! Looking tired after the plane ride!


We paid for the hotel coach to send us straight to the hotel!

I wonder who will be so crazy to take public transport to the hotel lor!

Have to lug your huge luggage up and down the stairs/escalator and also up the public transport is crazy! Sometimes really I wonder why people just wanna save that little bit of money, and yet causes much more inconvenience to themselves lor! Think about it!


And we are the only one on the coach! Hahahaha!


We then went to have our lunch while waiting for our room to be ready!

Cause we kinda reached too early, so the room isn't ready yet!

Then we left our luggage over at the hotel and then decided to roam around and find something to eat for lunch as we are all famished as well! Hahahahaha!



Many many shop houses!


Their apartments reminds me of those hk police movies/dramas!

Where those drug traffickers will hide in those apartments and stuff!

Right right right? Hahahahhaa! Okay lah, so we ended up eating over a noodle restaurant beside all the shop houses! And it was surprisingly good! Really yummy!




Of course, my picture will have to be bigger! Hahahaha!


My noodles! I remember there's pork in there!


Zj showing me a really longgggggg bean sprout in his bowl of noodles!

Then we decided to head back to our hotel to check in!

Cause we need freshen up alil after the ride! And that's when we realise we forgotten the way back and thus, we try our luck walking around figuring out which way back!


Apparently our hotel is so freaking near Tsim Sha Tsui station!

Yet we didn't know (I even snap this picture lor)!!!!

We were so near yet so far, we just need to cross one street from our hotel then is Tsim Sha Tsui station already lor! And I think we went a detour round to another side, to don't know where! Hahahaha! But at least we got to walk around and look at all the stuff lah!


It's just like Singapore, busy streets!

Then we came across their posting boxes!

And obviously we gotta take pictures with it! Hahahahahahaha!


Zj & Angie!


Kx, me & Ting!


So cute right their stamps machine!


Ang mor digging his nose! No wonder nobody goes into that restaurant!


Aunty cleaning the rubbish bin, in purple!


Waiting to cross the road back to hotel!

Yea, we eventually went to ask some random strangers on the streets the way back to our hotel, cause we don't wanna roam around any further! Tiring eh!


Took this picture as it reminds of my Stefanie Sun in the SK Jewelery's commercial!


Their design of the.. pushbutton to activate the traffic light(?) is pretty cool!
I like it more than Singapore's one!

Show you our hotel room!!!!!!!!!

But I didn't take proper pictures of it, so some doesn't really do justice to it!


Living room! Which is much more spacious than it seems!




Studyroom! Where we use to throw our smelly shoes here!


The toilet!


Hahaha! Did one camwhore shot on the bed before leaving! :)

The hotel room looks big right? Cause we booked a family suite!

And we didn't regret booking this hotel because it's saturated at a pretty central area (cross one road is Tsim Sha Tsui station already leh), and there's really alot of thing around there!

Pretty convenient and accessible!


Octopus card! Bought it over at the airport!


We then took the train from Tsim Sha Tsui....


To Mong Kok, for shopping!!!!!!!

There's really so much to shop there and one of the place where the 3 girls actually went there day after day and spending hours there is Argyle Centre (alot of people shop there)!

But I don't really see much stuff there which I like though!


Zj help me to take this picture while the girls are behind me shopping!


The shops in Argyle Centre sells pretty cheap stuff! It's like Bugis Street!


Vitamin water which is now selling in Singapore!

But it still wasn't when we were there! So I thought I gotta take picture and show you all but I'm so slow in blogging them up, now it's selling in Singapore already lor! Booooooooooo!


Hahaha! Pretending to test it out!

While shopping right, I then saw alot and I mean ALOT of people eating this...


Eating something from a clear plastic bag with 2 satay stick!


Then I found out where is it from! See the long queue!


Apparently, it's some cold noodles or something like that?

I'm not really sure cause I didn't get to try it out, which I also don't know why I didn't went to buy and eat it that time! But it don't seems to be nice and looks really unappealing?

I'm not sure! Anyone here eat it before?


Me & Zj decided to go outside to look around while waiting for them to be done!


Huge Bojour store nearby!


Shops opposite Argyle Centre!


Then, camwhore! This is candid one though!


Omg! I shouldn't have take pictures with those hideous plastic bags! =/


Love this one the most! Candid one too!


Took one for Zj as well! Hahahaha! He didn't know when I'm taking it!



Heading over to Ladies' Street after that!


We bought Happy Lemon! Which is also not available in Singapore at that time!


Playing with the telephone booth there!


They look really happy in this picture!



Took this picture because of.. yes, the orange bin! Hahahaha!

After shopping over at ladies street right (which I didn't edit any of the pictures taken there), we thought of, why not just go over to Temple Street as well, which is known as Men's Street!


Waiting for the train! Hahaha! So cute right!!


Me & Zj in the train!


Me me meeeeeeeee!!!


And another one! :B


Reached Jordan! Men's street here we comeeeeeee!




Pretty colourful lights, lighting up their streets!



FA FA FA!!!!!


Men's street is totally boring!

I feel that it's worse than ladies street, so don't really bother going at all!

There's really nothing to buy there one lor! We bought more stuff over at ladies street than men's street! But we just wanted to go and check it out, at least we did went there before! But those who don't have alot of time to spend over at Hong Kong, then don't waste time to go there!


But there's still quite a number of people there lah!



A mobile icecream van!!!!


Went over to buy immediately! Hahahaha!



Gotten the cone one! Yay!


Angie also went to take picture with the van!


While walking, I saw this shop selling porn av video!


Then we head back to the hotel after a long long day!


Bought some chips back too! Love the cheese flavour!


And some other food, like sushi etc.


After that, is sleeping time! Zzzzzzz....

Yay! That's all for now! Part Two will be up soon! :)

It's been so long since I've blogged such a long entry and I'm loving it! Did it bring back some memories of how I used to blog last time? Hahahaha!


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  1. Yvonne7:42 am

    Wohoo! Nice pics :)  I love food pics(one reason I'm following your blog ;d). Anticipating part 2!

  2. Cherie9:08 am

    WOW your yellow luggage looks good! I have a bright orange one and got everyone staring when I was lugging it around :p I think you can see some of it on my blog! hee Looks like you're having loads of fun in HK! Looking forward to your part 2!

  3. Annabel3:21 pm

    Hey Ben! I hope you won't mind answering some of my questions cos I really like the quality of the pictures you take and submit in your posts. What's the model of the camera that you use and approx how much did it cost? And do you alter your pictures with photoshop or something, or are they already that awesome? :P Hope to hear an answer from you soon, cos I really wanna get a good but reasonably priced camera. Cheers! (:

  4. Carol4:01 pm

    I love reading your blog! You're really an awesome blogger! (Y)

  5. Carol4:47 pm

    <span>I love reading your blog! You're really an awesome blogger! (Y)</span>

  6. Anonymous4:58 pm

    umm can i ask if the ymca at tsim sha tsui has shampoo, hair dryer, and those toiletries so i dont need to bring those if they already have, im going there this week :)  lols u still remember?

  7. Person5:21 pm

    Hey, what's the name of hotel you lived in? It's like so nice!

  8. Anonymous11:09 pm

    ymca :)

  9. OMG@@1:08 am

    hello?! DOESNT MEAN RICH KIDS THEN CAN TAKE A PLANE. MY PARENTS AINT RICH WHEN I'M YOUNG. Is because my parents not as STINGY as yours can. its call SAVINGS and we are not rich! MOREOVER, its SQ. please dont be dumb and give stupid sterotypes that only RICH KIDS CAN ENJOY FLYING AROUND.

    btw, u look hotter candid. dont pose pose la. so un natural and gay.

  10. typicalben10:53 am

    First of all, you fucking insulted my parents! So fuck you!

    Who are you to say that my parents are stingy? DO YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN THROUGH? NO! Then don't fucking jump into conclusion that they are!

    And generally, kids from well-do family do have more of the privilege to fly as compared to low income ones!

    I'm not fucking stereotyping, I'm talking about in general here right.

    Just seriously fuck off, you can insult me but not my parents!

  11. Chew Tee Ming6:21 pm

    Don't you think you're a bit too over?

  12. Dude, Never bring kids go oversea doesn't mean stingy man. Wake up your idea. Ben is just giving an opinion or a point of view. Moreover it's not easy to travel to Hong Kong with your own saving, just let him have his moment. And since you say you and your family save for your trip you should understand it's not easy. Cut a break dude/girl or whatever sex you are, your comment don't make Ben look stupid instead you sound like a rich bimbo trying to defend yourself.

  13. Randy Toh10:01 pm

    Seriously, on a brand new year? 

    Well done then, you earned yourself a foul mouth for the rest of your 2011! 

  14. melissa11:07 pm

    hi can you share where you got the orange passport holder from?

  15. Omg fucking shit u have no rights to insult people!

  16. Joshua Ong5:32 pm

    He/She's probably jealous how Ben managed to save up and could afford going to HK through his means rather than caking off his parents. What a loser. 

  17. Jessica5:56 pm

    Definitely agree with you that he is 'a bit too over'. I don't see why he has to constantly exclaim that some stuff in HK (e.g. Happy Lemon drink) wasn't established in SG when he was there. Upon his return, all these stuff that he 'discovered', are readily available in SG. I don't know, but is he trying to make a statement? If he is, then he should make it obvious, because subtle hints like that are really pointless. I think he wants readers to portray him as 'cool' and a 'Mr know it all', because he discovered things! HAH.

    Oh, and to whoever thinks he is hot, I really think not. His dressing isn't even metrosexual, nor stylish, it is just plain spastic.

  18. Pamela9:43 pm

    Hi! I've been to Argyle Centre and I saw that baggie of noodles too but we didn't try it out cause we were skeptical but we heard that it was really good!

  19. Vanessa ABC Love10:40 pm

    Hey, I've been to Argyle Centre, tried the noodles. It's really awesome, chilling cool noodles for a hot summer. You can choose from a range of toppings too. Plus, it's really cheap! Haha. Try it there the next time you go? Xiaxue loves to shop at Argyle Centre too, she has mentioned it in her post before. By the way, the hotel next to TST YMCA, The Peninsula is a 6 star hotel. Wu Chun stays there from time to time too. You could try shopping at Fa Yuen Street next time you visit Mong Kok. It's way better than Ladies street, Ladies street is more like a tourist hotspot now. Whereas Fa Yuen Street is more for locals, fashionable clothes and all at a cheap price. It's right next to Ladies Street.