Last live chat for 2010!

December 28, 2010

Hello! I'm back people! :)

So I've decided to have a one last chat with you guys for this year! It's really fast right? The year is coming to an end already! So let's end it with a good note!

Anyway, I know sometimes I haven't been replying much of you people tweets/emails/comments but I really do read them and I'll only reply those that are needed to be replied or answered to! And it's what I'm doing since I first started out blogging what and nothing have changed!


People have been unfollowing me all, because I didn't reply them on Twitter etc.?!!

And comparing me with some other bloggers where they reply everyone and deem that they are more friendly and all! Wtf lor! (And I usually don't like to reply those questions that have been answered before or blogged about before already, like; my camera, which either means you don't read my blog or you don't really bother to find out!).

I don't know what kind of logic is that but if people love to see superficial replies from me to you (which some bloggers are doing), too bad, cause I'm so not going to do that just because I want you people to like me even more or to make you guys follow me etc.

Cause I don't wanna do things like that and lie to myself!

But I don't mean all bloggers are fake when they reply (almost) everyone, just some or maybe one, and I feel it's really disgusting! Sorry, I should have know that different people do things differently!

Anyway, so here's a private 1 to 1 chat with me below!
(I might take longer to reply sometimes cause I might be busy doing something else or have to much windows to reply to, so do wait if you can okay!)

To make it up for being so "unfriendly" all these while okay? Hahahaha!

And most importantly, haters please fuck off cause I ain't got much time to entertain you! Do only chat with me if you like me, if not check back tomorrow for Hong Kong trip pictures cause you know you wanna read it even if you hate me! Hahahahahahaha!

I just uploaded them and it's gonna be really awesome (a long post)!

Chat ended! Thanks!


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