What are you all doing on xmas eve?

December 24, 2010

And it's past 12 midnight now, so it's today!!! Merry xmas eve y'all!!

Gosh, I just got back home from town!

Seriously, I've been there for like the past 2 days already (to meet my cousin, and just now my poly mates), and I'm still heading down tomorrow to finish shopping for the remaining presents that I haven't get for Fingers yet! Think I'm just gonna buy for them lah, presents can be such a headache!

Can't image if I've to get for all my friends, I can die!

So how are you people gonna celebrate the night?

We'll be going over to stayover at a hotel, similar like previous year! And I think the best way to celebrate all these festive season right, is just to have a really simple gathering with your love ones, at a place where you can spend some time together! That's more than enough!

Better than squeezing your ass off at Orchard Road yea? It's lame!

Okay, I'm getting kinda sleepy now! So I'm going go sleep!

You people do have fun and enjoy your holidays! And sorry for the lack of updates recently, I'm just so busy! But I'll try! Meanwhile, my archives are readily for you people to read! It amused me sometimes that why I can be so interesting in the past! Bah! Fuck army!

Ooops! Have fun!! Loves! :)


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