Of loving mundane life!

December 04, 2010

Hello y'all! :)

Can't help but to blog today cause I'm at home and feeling so so so shiok!

I seriously love this kind of feeling, of being able to slack and chill at home, doing mundane things (ie; watching videos, surf the net, eat and eat and eat)! I seriously hope sometimes, we got more time to take alil small break in our daily hectic schedule to do all these mundane things lor, cause it's really a good break and recharge for all of us!

Somemore the weather is good today! Cooling and comfy!!!

Though I'm not really at home the whole day, I went for some family day thing in my camp this morning (wtf! waking up at 7am lor!) but the trip was kinda fruitful since I won a $10 cash voucher from lucky draw! Hahahaha!

Which is a small fry as compared to my best bud in my this camp!

He was so lucky that he actually won himself a HD LCD TV (22") lor! But whatever lah, as least I still won myself a shitty $10 voucher, which I gave it to mummy just now!

Okay, to make your visit here worthwhile! Some pictures!

Met up with Yy and Sf before they enlist to the army! Omg! I still remember like 1 year++ back, we also met up for the same reason but it's for me, to meet up before I enlist and now, it's their turn!

Time seriously flies like cow, gosh!


The famous fish soup restaurant opposite Bugis Junction!


Went have desserts after our meal!


Love this pic! Like so candid when it's actually not! Hahaha!



Crazily full after that!


Really wtf, cause the queue is mad damn long!

Luckily the time we went there right, there wasn't such a long queue yet!

It's crazy you know, on how people are willing to queue for food even it takes like damn long! But I see it as a norm for Sinagporeans lah, we love to queue! Hahahaha!


Camwhore! ♥

And we took some polaroids too! Here are some of it...


Set 1


Set 2


Set 3


Set 4

p/s: Essensual Bugis is having some awesome hair promo, click here and here to check it out!

p/p/s: Just to make clear something! I don't know why but did I give people the wrong impression that I don't do advertorial for online stores? Cause apparently, many people are enquiring on whether I actually do adverts for them! And I actually do, and also have different packages for y'all! So do email me if you guys are interested! Sponsors are welcome too!

p/p/s: On another note, that doesn't mean that I accept all online stores, firstly also have to see whether they can afford to buy my advert anot too! Be sure that I'm not sell out yet (with online stores adverts flooding almost every entry), unlike some other bloggers! Ooops! :x


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  1. Anonymous1:17 am

    where's exactly is the famous fish soup shop?

  2. An Instax is not called a Polaroid. :\

  3. Guest9:16 pm

    Where are you able to buy a polaroid?