Youth Marketing Asia Conference 2010

December 03, 2010

So about 2 months back, I was invited to give a talk over at the Youth Marketing Asia Conference 2010, which is organized by The Asia Business Forum.

I actually didn't really wanted to attend at first cause I thought it might be really scary, since the audience for the conference are executives/directors of their companies (where they pay up to $4k to attend this conference talk! wtf!) and not youths, that I'm more comfortable with.

And they wanted me to to grace their event to speak about blogging and youth trends to them, for a full 30 mins! How crazy is this right?! Freaking 30 mins of presentation leh!!!!

I then wonder how many slides will I have....

But in the end, I thought it would be a good exposure for me and my blog!

Also, a really good experience too, cause not everytime I can get a chance to speak to people (not my targeted audience) and somemore it's on what I love doing, blogging.

So I agreed to it!

Here's the conference brochure that they had, with me featured in it...


The front page!


Was asked to join the panel discussion as well, after my presentation!

The day when I speak is on a weekday, so I took off from my camp and my mum accompanied me down to Amara Hotel for the conference! *nervous*



Camwhore while waiting for my turn! :)


My lanyard!


Going through my ppt sides before my turn!

And I only finished the whole ppt presentation, on the night before!

Cause at first, I really don't have a single clue on what to talk about and what to present! They told me to talk about myself, but can't possibly be talking about me and myself, and my blog for like the whole 30 mins right?!!!! Siao!!!

In the end, I managed to do up a awesome ppt presentation, consisting of 89 slides which just nice, lasted me through for 30 mins! *ques the audience clapping sound*


Me on the stage before I start!

Sorry, should have on the flash! But there wasn't much time for us to take pictures also!

And I was wearing shorts, due to my injured leg! But I kinda used it as an excuse cause even without my injury right, I'll still wear my short shorts! Seriously, they wanna understand youths right? They can understanding that starting from my dressing! Hahahahahha!


Started talking!


I remember I was telling them the trend of circle lens on this slide!


If you all are interested to know what I presented right, I basically just touch on myself first (blogging, advertorial, what does blogging brings to me), then to latest brands, fashion trends, youth activities and events, issues among youths and lastly, social media!

Can someone tell me that I'm a genius! Hahahahahaha!

And throughout the whole 30 mins of my talk, I managed to get them glued to my slides and even make them laugh on the things I said and commented!

Wahlao, I'm actually very humorous one lor!! My hidden talent!!

Plus, I'm so flattered when after I ended my talk, some of them came over giving me praises, that my talk was very 'real' and they enjoyed it alot! *flicks hair* Hahaha!

Anyway, all I could say it's really a good experience!

Hopefully there's more such events to come! And thanks for the invite too, ABF!


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  1. Well done cousin! I'm so proud of you. AWESOME!