The best gift for Valentine!

January 30, 2011

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Omg! Can't believe that Valentine's Day is coming already!

And it's happening in less than a month lor! Have you people already gotten your gifts for your another half? Not yet? No time to shop for it or you're still in dilemma on what to get?

Not to worry, cause Tangem is your solution to this Valentine!


Tangem aims to provide affordable luxury jewellery to all their customers!

Their jewellery pieces are classy, relevant and chic. The Italian inspired designs are beautifully crafted and exquisitely presented with the modern girl in mind, which is every girl's dream!

And they send me some of their items, so come take a close look....


All of their pieces comes in a velvet jewellery box!


Pendant: Signature Heart!


Look how pretty it is, when it's on my hand!


Neacklace & Pendant set: Starry nite!


Earrings: Sweetheart!


Bracelets: Fall in Love!


You can actually make them into a set! Like with earrings + bracelet!

So you think that just buying one necklace alone is not enough, you can actually combined it with a earring or bracelet! Which confirm will make her feel even happier when receiving it! :)

Also all their products are Sterling Silver and coated with rhodium, so you don't have to worry about the quailty of it! And the included stones are all cubic zirconia!


What makes a better gift than these for your special girl this Valentine's Day?

And now, here's something yummy for Typicalben's readers!!!

Tangem would like to offer their Signature Heart, which is this pretty pandent below:


At a very special discounted price for you, at $28 (U.P.$39)!!!

That's a huge savings of $11 for an such a beautiful piece that represents your love for that special someone! And the rest of the items which are also featured here (like; Starry nite, Sweetheart, Fall in Love) will all also be given at a special $8 discount for each item!!!

So why wait?

Head over to Tangem to do your Valentine shopping now!!

p/s: Be sure to also check out the other items in the special page on their website! As there are also great discount on other pretty items there too! :)


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  1. Jacelynn skyrah12:17 am

    hey the earrings looks nice. How much does that cost?