I don't understand why...

January 29, 2011

1. Girls who are mistreated by their boyfriends still wanna put up with it and go through all the shit! Is it because the guy fucked them?

2. Couples who likes to keep communicating through social networking sites?

3. People neglecting their friendship because of their partner?

4. People still wants to buy stuff over at Sim Lim Square?

5. Some people love taking public transport?

6. People thinks that blogging is easy and whenever they know that blogging can actually earn money, they say they wanna blog?

7. People cannot accept dressing sense that is different from the crowd?

8. People wants fame so badly which I rather not have it?

9. Fat or ugly people don't wanna do something to themselves and prove to others they can be good looking too?

10. Am I not sleeping since I'm so tired and blogging this? Nights!


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  1. vigatlavir9:42 pm

    It's a matter of acceptance. haha

  2. Marshall10:17 pm

    Not everyone is so pretty like you to be born so handsome. We may not have such great bone structure and everything. you say as though we have a LIKING to be fat/ugly/idiotic or what not. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW IT FEELS OT BE UGLY.

  3. <span>I don't understand why... </span>
    You're a douche bag and act cute. t(=.=

  4. Anonymous9:27 pm


  5. swaty16qiao1:41 am

    super agree with 1,3 and 7 lol!!!!

  6. like you can't please everybody right? and your blog is public right? like you, everybody in this world has their own opinion RIGHT? <span>douchebag </span>


    Geez come on you haters. Its just a personal point of view, everyone has their own. He's just voicing out his own opinion, who are you to judge how he thinks ? Maybe someone should start criticizing on your thoughts. Get a life man!

  8. Jessica12:37 am

    Seriously to you ppl who commented and are against him , what this guy had said in the above-mentioned are all in his opinion . You may feel very unhappy about it but there are certainly a few thinking point for you to think here . 1) Each and everyone of us has our own preference , and you definitely do not have the right to even be rude about it and reply him this way because we each have our "freedom of speech". You may not like it but that's how it is . 2) what if you see someone on the streets who talks to you in a rude matter ? Would you like it ? Some people do - rare case , but mostly do not . But have you ever put yourself in their shoes and think about these perspectives - maybe they are having a bad day etc ?

    What you may like , does not mean other ppl will like it . Likewise , what you hate does not mean other people would not hate it . It's all about preferences .

  9. Marshall8:18 pm

    @Redbluegreenyellow Hai. We're not judging how he thinks. We're just trying to explain how it feels like to be BEYOND HOPE and ridiculously ugly and change HIS view.
    @Jessica but you cannot deny he's generalising too much. Does he seriously think all ugly people don't WANT to be pretty like him?

  10. Jessica2:18 am

    @ Marshall . Hey , I know nobody wants to Be called or labelled as ugly when you're walking down the streets . But like what I've said , it's his point of view . You can't do anything about what he has said . But you know what ? You can do something to help yourself . Since you're sore about it , change yourself . No one in this world is ugly , honestly . Boost your confidence + do a make over ( but not too extreme ) , and you'll be just fine . You dot have to be smart or pretty or anything . In my point of view , being yourself is what's important . Having self-confidence in yourself helps too . Because if you're not even confident of yourself and feel good with yourself , howdy you expect other people to think of you ? Being ugly is one thing . Change yourself and have self confidence in yourself is another thing , a credit . When you have these , even if you were to read this post of his , you'd feel nothing and you'll not get affected by it .