Korjapchi + Thread Alpha

May 14, 2011

Met up with Cherie for lunch the other day as I'm going over to Nuffnang office, and we finally can have time to catch up alittle (after so long) over our favourite, Korean cuisine! Hahaha!

It's really awesome cause many of my friends don't really like Korean food, as some hate the pork belly or even kimchi! Seriously, how can they ever hate it man! It's awfully yummy!


Cherie with all the yummy side dishes!

Okay, no pictures of me cause I look really bad in the pictures she took! I wonder it's her skills of taking pictures that makes me look bad or is it me! HAHAHAHAHA!

After that, went to meet up with Zj for some shopping!


Grabbing some small bites after shopping!


I love the peking duck wraps! Mad yums!


The person beside me is stealing the limelight of my both camwhore picture lor! Tsk!

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Do you love this look on me? Checkered long sleeve shirt!


Matching it with a beige tailored pants!


If you love it, both items are actually from Thread Alpha!

Thread Alpha is a online store which caters solely for the guys!

And they have 3 collections up till now! You can find t-shirts, button shirts, long/short pants, cardigans and even accessories there! So do go over and start shopping now!



p/s: Quote "typicalben", and get 20% off the second piece! How awesome is it!


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