All pictures taken by my phone!

December 06, 2011

Okay, new entry here as promised!!! :D

This entry is tad bit more... special(?) cause all the pictures are entirely captured by my phone, and why I say special it's because it's been so super long since I put up pictures taken by my phone up on my blog already, cause I cannot stand lousy quality pictures as time goes by as I blog y'know!

But I've been pretty lazy to bring my camera out cause it's so huge (G3), and even last time when I'm using LX3 I also lazy liao lor, don't say this one cause it's heavier and bigger! So have been using my iPhone to take all the pictures recently! Maybe I should bring out LX3 occasionally hor...

Not like it's not doing me good also! AIYA. But I still lazy to bring out! :x

Sigh, I got no rights to say I'm a blogger anymore I guess! HAHAHAHA! Oh well, hope y'all don't mind the quality for these pictures and even if you do, please get used to it and you need to, cause I reckon there will be more phone taken pictures that will be up here now and then in the future as well! Hahahaha!

Photo 29-11-11 6 17 50 PM`

On Adrain's car going to attend wedding dinner!

Photo 29-11-11 6 23 51 PM`

Super awesome that he's fetching me cause it's so super far!

As the wedding dinner is held over at crowne plaza hotel which is at changi airport!!!! Like seriously wtf, it's super far for me cause I live in the west and taking cab is a problem cause sure jam at that timing one!

But it's my first time attending wedding dinner there, so kinda excited to see the ballroom!

Photo 29-11-11 7 14 28 PM (HDR)

The settings!

Photo 29-11-11 8 09 05 PM

Video of the newly wed being played!


Camwhoring with the Airforce mates!

Photo 29-11-11 8 44 27 PM

And when I went to the toilet, they secretly took picture of my stuff inside my clutch!

I love the clutch alot, I bought it recently one and it's in leopard prints!!!!! And if you're interested, it's just my wallet, phone, invisalign case (where I need to put my aligners inside) and lip balm!

Photo 29-11-11 10 30 20 PM`

When we are about to leave! Reflection over at the gents!

Photo 29-11-11 10 44 40 PM

On Adrian's car again as he's also sending us back! Shiok si wo!

Photo 2-12-11 4 35 28 PM (HDR)

Went high tea with Ting and Kx the other day!

Photo 2-12-11 4 44 54 PM (HDR)

Photo 2-12-11 4 39 32 PM (HDR)

It's so awesome cause we finally get to have a proper high tea session!

You know, cause we wanted to be pretentious (muahhahaaha!!) and wanna act like go for high tea but we usually cannot make it for high tea cause by the time we woke up, prepare and leave house it's already half past high tea time liao lor! So I'm glad we finally woke up earlier than usual to go high tea this time round!




With my bffs!!!!! :'(

I put the :'( emoticons cause I suddenly feel so blessed to have them with me! LOLOL!

Photo 2-12-11 5 45 23 PM (HDR)`

Group picture before leaving!


Went MBS with my young cousins, aunt, grandma and mummy!

Photo 25-11-11 11 04 57 PM (HDR)`

With my lovely grandma! Love her to bits!

Photo 25-11-11 9 56 31 PM (HDR)

Treated them to TWG Tea!

Photo 25-11-11 10 01 18 PM (HDR)

Colourful macaroons!

Photo 25-11-11 10 01 34 PM (HDR)

Omg! I cannot tell you how much I love scones! It's so yums!

Photo 25-11-11 10 17 13 PM (HDR)`

Group picture and you can see the cute (but naughty) Lucas right at the back!

We ordered quite afew other stuff as well, but didn't managed to take pictures cause the kids grabbed them as soon as it's placed on the table! And mummy is super funny, cause the kids wanted to order another one more bottle of water (which we must buy those atas water and each bottle cost $7+), then she stopped them and she tell me, kids don't know anything about price one! Hahaha! So true!!

How I wish I'm a kid now lor! Then don't need to worry about money and all man, right?!


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  1. Where's the place y'all went for high tea? looks good!

  2. typicalben11:18 pm


  3. Anonymous11:19 pm

    u look cute 

  4. Anonymous2:49 am

    You look so hot when you dress up so nicely ;)

  5. Rizan4:13 am

    You are cool and i love your lips. They're KPOP hot. <3

  6. The quality of the pictures isn't bad at all... Actually, I think they're really good for a cellphone...
    And I can totally imagine that carrying a camera all the time is a bit uncomfortable. (':

  7. Priscilla TYB4:53 am

    I like that photo you took with your grandma ! Both of you look great ! && i love your leopard shoesssss ! Gosh

  8. Great Photos Taken :)  

  9. Anonymous7:57 pm

    what's the app you used for taking the pic with 4 shots ? Photos taken were very nice ~ (Y) .

  10. keke, is your hair growing long? or is it different styling? have a nice day~~~

  11. hey ben, may i know where did you get your grey top from? i've been looking for a similar one for quite some time. appreciate your help :)  thanks!

  12. typicalben2:04 am

    It's Ran's!

  13. Where you buy your shoes! prettyy

  14. random11:05 pm

    omg, wth happened to your hair? omg. But at least you look more like a guy now lol.
    and ps, you came out from army already right? have you been slacking inside, how come your build still look so small :(  I'll not insulting you or anything, just curious :)  Sorry, if i offended you in any way.

  15. it's really nice and fitting. could u help me ask ran please? ^^

  16. Anonymous1:09 pm

    May I know where can I get the leopard clutch?

  17. omg you look so much manly when you wear jeans. you should really wear more jeans and dress like this more often! So handsome hahahaha(not saying you look ugly when you're not wearing jeans haha)

  18. Anonymous3:51 pm

    How much did you spend in all at TWG? (:

  19. hayden10:36 pm

    lovely shoes, where did you get em?