Pics taken by phone #2 // POP Market @ POMO

December 08, 2011

Photo 28-11-11 10 36 35 PM`

Here I have more pictures taken by my phone to share again!!!!

Photo 28-11-11 10 31 30 PM

Went steamboat with Amelia!

Photo 28-11-11 10 33 17 PM`

Photo 28-11-11 10 25 42 PM (HDR)`

Seriously, I think my face got fatter! LOL!


While waiting for the movie!!!

And since we got quite some time to spare, I went around and take pictures with all the random stuff!

Photo 28-11-11 10 51 33 PM (HDR)`

With Christmas tree!!!

Photo 29-11-11 1 31 27 AM (HDR)`

And with all the movie posters etc.


Photo 29-11-11 1 37 46 AM (HDR)`

Love this picture!!!

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  1. Anonymous6:13 am

    Do blog about what apps you used to take pics and stuffs!! ^^ & R U ATTENDING POPMARKET??? :O if you are, please bring randy along too! :p hope to see you guys there! :-) xoxo

  2. anynomous11:50 am

    Amelia is so pretty !

    And you give off the ulzzang vibe like those korean stars ! :D

  3. Anonymous4:06 pm

    omg!! BLONDE look so good!!!!

  4. Anonymous7:52 pm

    what app do you use to take your pictures ?  :)

  5. Anonymous9:02 pm

    What wax do you use?

  6. Shanice12:19 am

    Like fo real. I LOVE what you did with your hair. Y'know, the korean side bang thing. So fucking sexy (Y) HAHAHAHAH omg i sound like some stupid stalker wtf.

  7. You look soooooooooooooooo good with this hair colour!

  8. Rizan1:49 am

    I totally in love with your LIPS! Oh dear! *melts* <3

  9. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Hi! Can I know where you bought your leopard print shoes? Been looking for it the whole Singapore.