This is the last post for 2011.

December 31, 2011

It's been a great year! Nothing over the top or what but overall, it has been a good year for me! I hope 2012, you guys will grow fat fat (muhahahahaha!) and will be always happy! :D

I really wanted do a small sum up of this year 2011 but maybe I'll do it later, I just wanna enjoy the very last moment of the year first! Yes, this year I'm not heading out but will be home doing what I love the most! Slacking and lazing around! For those who don't know, I super hate crowded place!

Anyway, thanks so much for being with me all these years and I won't be who am I today (I mean 'typicalben') without you guys! Love y'all! I hope we all will excel together in 2012! Fight fight fight!


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  1. Starlight Parade1:40 am

    Happy New Year!  8-)