A mini sum up of 2011

January 01, 2012

I'm just gonna sum up few stuff that I actually think it's pretty much a big deal to me or either that, to my blog for the year of 2011. If not I'm sure the list is going to be really long cause I'll be including all sorts of tiny nonsense! Hahahaha! Okay, so for the year of 2011......

Held a fully sponsored for, 22nd birthday dinner celebration & invited all my close friends!

Went for general anesthesia & had 4 of my wisdom tooth removed at one shot!
Which was a crazy experience and had my face swollen and lower lips numb for weeks!

Finally, fucking ORD from 2 years of National Service!

Got into the Top 10 finalist for the Best Individual Blog for Singapore Blog Awards!
Though I didn't won but thanks so much to those who voted for me, really appreciated!

Being interviewed by Razor Tv for a number of times,
of topics like my Twitter & Harajuku Street Style fashion show!

And among all the advertorials that I did this year, I love the pictures taken for
Harajuku Street Style advert the most! Thanks bff, Ting!

Dyed my hair for the most number of time in my life so far! Like once every 3-4 weeks!
Tried alot of different shades & tone! Then finally went platinum blonde, & then even a whiter platinum blonde!

Went to Malacca with my whole family together for holiday!
[will update the link once I blogged about it]

Decided to further my studies and enrolled into University where I met loads of nice friends!
And studied the super hardest I ever studied in my whole life for the exams!

Attended the most number of wedding dinner (5) in a year of my life so far, wtf.

Ran bought me to SNSD concert which I really enjoyed!

First time me & Ran went to KL together (though it's just KL but we never travel out of Singapore to other
country together before) & last minute booked air tickets few hours before our flight!

Last but not least, I think this is one of the biggest and most awesome thing that had happened to me this year,
which is I finally got to fix my teeth with invisalign treatment (part 2 here) by Omni Dental Centre!

And there's alot of things that I know that I wanna do for this coming year already!

But I shall slowly reveal along the way! Let's all embark in a new journey this year! :D


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