Christmas Celebration 2011

February 25, 2012

I know I'm super late on blogging about this (don't know how many times I've been saying this), but I guess it should be normal for you guys to hear it already right? Hahahah! So anyway, meet up with bffs, Fingers for our usual Christmas gathering last year lol and we wanted to find somewhere not so crowded (I hate crowded place) and luckily the place we went is pretty much 'peaceful'. Really not much people!

So we went Esplanade for our dinner and to chill there, plus to countdown together!!

fingers xmas celebration at esplanade

And candid shot I took of them which turns out to be so pretty!

typicalben with food christmas celebration

Me with my food!!!

Okay lah, shall show you guys some of the food that we had.......

food esplanade typicalben

food at esplanade typicalben

Okayzzz, no more pictures of food cause I'm getting super hungry now (4am now)!!!

angie typicalben


christmas celebration at esplanade typicalben

And we moved over to another area to have drinks and snack while we chill!

christmas celeb at esplanade typicalben

xmas celebration at esplanade typicalben

Pretty righttttttt!

fingers christmas chilling

Another candid picture of them!

fingers typicalben xmas

3 vs 2!

zj typicalben ting

Me with Zj & Ting!

zj typicalben

Love this picture with Zj!!

fingers esplanade celeb

typicalben xmas

And yea, me.

typicalben hair christmas

My hair that time, kinda miss the colour though!

typicalben polaroid

Took some polaroids as well!

typicalben polaroid xmas

fingers typicalben

A group picture from the down view! Muhahaha!!

And actually before our dinner, while we were waiting for Zj to arrive....

angie ting kx

We went to write wishes on this huge ball! The girls with it!

esplanade wishes

While writing it....

ting's shoe

Lol randomly took a picture of Ting's shoes!

typicalben with ball filled with wishes

And all our wishes are on it!!!!!

fingers with ball filled with wishes

Group picture with it!!!

I totally love simple celebration like this, especially with them! :)



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  1. Hi Ben, do you know where did you and your friends bought that ball from? Can I know what did you guys did to that ball? Did you guys placed it somewhere or?? haha thanks!!

  2. Ruihong Puah2:40 pm

    Hey, can I know what's the name of the restaurant you went and the place you went to drink? (: