Family photo on CNY!

February 26, 2012

Hello!!! Show you guys a family photo that we took during cny!!!

typicalben family photo full body shot

First day of cny, before we head out for visiting!

mum & dad cny typicalben

Mum & dad!

typicalben family photo close up

Another one, a close up of us! I so love it!

Note: All pictures below this entry are taken by my iPhone.

playing tiny monopoly

Went to grandma's place for first round of reunion dinner and after eating,
me and ran played the mini monopoly with our lil cousins!

lucas typicalben

You see this naughty Lucas! Wearing my grandma's heels and he's playing with phone!

simple reunion dinner typicalben

Second round of reunion dinner at home!
It was loved, cause we rarely get the chance to sit together and eat together!

cass daryl

Okay, back to the first day of cny! With cousin Cass and Drayl!

typicalben with pris

With Pris cousin! She recently just went to put on braces!

cny dim sum typicalben

Second day of cny! Dim sum at revolving restaurant which I dread!
Cause have to wake up so early just to go there to eat, not like the food is amazing either!

typicalben with cousins

Some pictures with our cousins!

typicalben cny day 2 outfit

My simple outfit for that day! I wonder who still dress up for cny, it's just like any other normal day lor!
Anyway, it's a candid shot taken by Ran while I was adjusting myself hahaha!

randy typicalben cny

With Ran! And some lion dance's dancer lol!

typicalben randy cny

Another full shot of us outside the restaurant!

After that, we went for some visiting and then went one of our cousin's house (Bing Hong), and he asked me whether I want to have Yaklut not? So I said yes, and when he bring it to me it's like this......

yakult with alot of straws

LOLOLOL! Wtf right? He's mad one and I really tried to drink from all of the straws!!! Hahaha!

typicalben with grandma

Last picture to end it off with my grandma (maternal side)! Love her to bits!!!!


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  1. Gisella5:48 pm

    wow your parents look so young!! :O

  2. Starlight Parade6:21 pm

    Awesome family ^^

  3. Anonymous10:21 pm

    May i know where you get those leopard shoes from? Looks good! :)

  4. anynomous10:51 pm

    You and your brother are so handsome !

    Really love the understated outfit that ends off with a loud leopard print shoes. :)

  5. Anonymous3:21 am

    Hello :)  may i ask where do you get the jeans from?

  6. Famous5:21 pm

    I wanna know where u got the leopard print shoes too! Fantabulous!  8-)

  7. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Hi! Just a random question : How tall are you? :o

  8. Anonymous12:28 pm

    OMG! i thought your mum's your sister!! SO YOUNG!! how did she take care of her skin?