Look at yourself first, before saying others.

February 02, 2012

Le sigh, some issues suddenly just strikes me again and I thought I might as well just rant it out since it happens to me quite recently. I don't know what's the problem with some people, they just plainly like to comment and bring people down when they themselves ain't any better.

To clarify, I'm not talking about haters here or sort cause I don't really give a shit about them!

As I'm pretty much used to all the hateful comments already, cause they are basically almost the same few (act cute/so gay) which I long ago, already openly joke about them to the people around me that, erm.... obviously who are close to me. So yea, no shit about those comments from haters (not that I get alot! usually are awesome compliments heheh!), but this is about those comments from people that actually will meant something to you like ie; your relatives.

And at this point of time I'm starting to get really angsty about it cause just thinking about it makes me so, and it's ridiculous. I get pretty much annoyed when namely 1-2 of my relatives make sarcastic remarks about me (or my bro), but namely me cause you know my style is always crazy and ever changing.

Where they actually indirectly say 2 things which got me pissed off, which one of it is my style (dressing/hairstyle) and another is my relationship issue. The reason why I say indirectly is because they didn't say it to me right to me face (which I much prefer it to be) but they kind of say it to others.

Okay, I'll talk about the first one first, about my style.

So there was once I went for this wedding dinner with my relatives, and I was sitting on the same table with this relative A, and then some other second degree relative (which is like not very close one lah) came along and saw me, and he said, "Wah! Your hair dye until like that ah! So nice and special!".

Then that relative A cuts in suddenly and said to the second degree relative that, "Oh! Both of them (me and my bro) are always special one (I think he meant our style), always different from other people!".


Not that my dressing is those really atrocious kind what, I'm always wearing something alittle more different (not my current style I mean previously) yet still, on the safe side where most people still can accept! And seriously, that time my hair was just light brown and not even blonde yet lor!

First of all, the basic fact is that if my parents is okay and all good with my hair or my dressing or anything.... I don't think it matters to my this relative A at all. I seriously don't see a single reason why would they bother when they should just be more concern about their children..... truestory.jpg


I dress the way I wanna dress, I do the hair I wanna do, and so if at any point of time I wanna change my style is because that I want to, no other reason. Like how recently I tried to change my style alittle if you all did ever realise lol. So the point is clear that as long as I think I look good and presentable is good enough already. I don't see a need to change the way I dress or my hairstyle/hair colour for anyone!

Secondly is about relationship matter on having a girlfriend.

Though I usually don't get that alot, but to me it's a pretty much causal and answerable question. So when I'm not attached at that point of time, I would tell them I'm not attached, simple right.

And which I'm not attached now, yes. Gonna have a #foreveralone vday this year.. :(

So the problem is this year CNY, they didn't ask me but probe the question to my parents. I mean it's still fine though, just ask only what BUT THE PROBLEM IS their mentality is just so fucking nonsense that they think that bringing back our partner to family gathering should be the case and the thing to do!

I personally find it absurd cause I don't see a point in it at all!

Oh come on! Seriously? I don't feel and think that we should bring our partner along to all those gathering if both just started out or just started not long ago! And it's only until like if you're together for few years then I think maybe can bring along our partners, but few months or so also need to bring meah?

Like that what if anything happens and we broke up and had a new girlfriend, then I'll have to bring her again is it... like wtf? You think what showcase ah?? I mean I see my cousins bringing their boyfriends there and end up some of them also broke up in the end what! And like so...... the point is????????????? Bring for them to see and so....????????? What they can do about it??? Just to see????

It's not like if it's really stable and have plans for marriage already kind then don't say lah!

I think it's logical enough to of course when you're attached for until a certain time, meeting each other parents is natural. I mean usually that's the case lah (for my earlier point about meeting their parents), but have to purposely bring for relatives to see for what fuck? You get what I mean?

LIKE FOR EXAMPLE; if the relationship all last for a few months, so every few months you see us bringing different partner up and you all think it's fun ah? Not like I'm saying any of our (me and my cousins) relationship is like that but you get the point I'm trying to say not?

Want to bring also wait until the relationship stable then bring what! Sometimes even stable also will break okay? How many times have we seen couples who are together for 4-5 years will break up in the end.

Sometimes I really hope they can just be pretty much bothered about themselves and their children! They love to comment so much, you think we got nothing to say about you and your children meah?

But I love all my cousins (from the youngest to the oldest), though sometimes I don't show but I always do care for all of them in my heart! So I hope none of them get offended reading this (if they ever), but I just need to say it out cause it's so fucking annoying and pissing me off badly with that stupid mentality!

Since their children are my cousin, so I don't wanna compare them with me but looking at me alone....

I'm doing so far so good now and leading an awesome life! I'm currently doing a degree course though not in a local university but still a university nonetheless, I've a blog with thousands of unique hits daily, I work and earn money for myself to spend, and most importantly I love my family and friends and has strong bonds with them, which all of that is more than enough already what!

So what, want me to bring a girlfriend up every year for you people to judge? No fucking way!

You think what, modelling showcase ah!

p/s: It's just that 1-2 relative I'm saying here, in general I do love all of my relatives cause they have been so nice to me! Especially my maternal side one! Super mad love them!!!


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  1. Hannah4:04 pm

    Oh no ,you dont have to change your style!
    Cause i told my friends that you are one famous male blogger i really like, the way you blog abt food & your style impresses me.
    In sg, not much of a guys will be daring enough to wear bright funky colours, but you did it so well. Nope, i am not kidding or trying to impress you, but you honestly impress me the other time when i read your blogpost saying you shopped at f21 too! like so cool you actually shopped at a girls stoe & make it into a guy's thing! I really like how you dresses up, way to go ben! (:

  2. Anna May8:15 pm

    I know what you mean, sometimes people are too inconsiderate. :\
    Cheer up! <3 Love your style too. :D

  3. Anonymous Course-mate1:34 am

    You are beautiful , no matter what they say... cause words can't bring you down =))

  4. Anynomous1:34 pm

    I totally agree with you Ben. Life is short and it is really important to be true to yourself and have fun in life instead of restricting yourself to societal norms and living a life of regret. I'm glad that you have an aim in life and work to support yourself while cherishing each and every moment and with that I think you have the moral authority to ignore these negative comments from others. :)

  5. Jade Ng7:17 pm

    I agree with you. :) cheer up okay? be yourself, and never change who you are. You're special in your own way. Embrace your individuality and have fun! Don't let anything people say bring you down, because we readers like you just the way you are. :) 

  6. Ya lor... don't need to be bothered by them one lor. Until now me and my bro also never bring our partner to meet our relatives one. No point.

    And i've seen friends together for 10 years and break up in the end still. So ultimately, the conclusion is just meet parents enough le.

    JIA YOU!:D