The start of blogging daily for a week!

February 01, 2012

Note: All pictures in this entry are taken by my iPhone.

As what the title says above, I'll be.... *clears throat* going to blog daily, everyday starting from today for a week (which means until next Tuesday)! Cause I always think that I actually do have time to blog everyday just that I always become really lazy and then procrastinate which ends up I never blog!

So in order to stop myself from always ending up like that anymore, I'm gonna try to blog everyday for a week first! You know cannot be too long also later I break my promise how? Hahaha!


Went to do my hair again!

Photo 4-1-12 3 38 55 PM (HDR)

Yes, that's my phone cover that other time!


Gotten a haircut and also did scalp treatment!!!

Photo 6-1-12 8 34 40 PM (HDR)

Random: Picture of the curry rice I had with Jingjing!

Anyway, school already started for about close to a month now!!!

Will be taking 4 modules this semester and embarrassingly to say I've already skipped like a few lesson already! Like about 4, I guess! Hahaha! They seriously should just ban morning lesson, no joke!


First day of school!


With uni mates!

Photo 9-1-12 2 00 28 PM (HDR)

Went to accompany our friend for haircut after school!

Photo 9-1-12 2 31 51 PM (HDR)

A tomato juice drink from a Korean store!

Photo 9-1-12 3 12 20 PM

Cute cover that I wanted to get at first but couldn't fit 4s! My friend gotten it instead!


Went for photoshoot for an online store at the end of the day!

That's all! And I shall go edit more pictures now!!! Hahahaha! :D


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