Omg exams period is here again!

April 08, 2012

Actually the reason why I ain't updating that much isn't because of exams or whatever, it's just that I wanna take a break for awhile! So for last week, I've been basically doing nothing other than eating and sleeping! But that is for last week, this week onwards I'll have to chiong my revision for exams already! :(

I KNOW RIGHT. It's here again omg super dread it cause I'll have to start studying like mad again!

I'm so happy and blessed that I'm able to pass all my modules the last semester and this time round I cannot afford to fail any as well! I think the drive come from paying the school fees myself lol! Very heartpain one leh when you withdrawal such a huge sum out the money from your bank!

I think those who pay their school fees themselves will understand how I feel! T_T

Anyway, just 3 pictures taken when we attend one of our uni mate's birthday celebration! But then I realise I never take with the birthday girl at all, or I did but it's not in my cam! Hahaha!

typicalben stan

Me with Stanley at the back!

typicalben elaine 21st birthday celebration

typicalben stan ger

With Stan and Ger!

Guess I'll still blog this period though! I think if I go out study I'll bring my small camera along so can snap pictures, so can update here abit when I'm taking a break from studying! Kklovebye!


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  1. Syahirah 「しゃひら」11:05 pm

    O: You eyes' look kinda red here!
    take care k!

  2. Kevin4:30 am

    hello ben, I would like to check with you, where do you get your shirt and how much are those?

  3. Anonymous7:50 pm

    What colour is your hair?