Comeback Stage?

May 10, 2012


I know right, it's been so long since I ever blog due to my exams! But I'm so glad that all of you people are so sweet and concern about me throughout this period. Plus keep on encouraging me on twitter or formspring wishing me luck and ask me to do my best for exams! :') Really thankful for that!

Anyway, don't worry I'm back here on this space once again! Hahaha! I'll really try to update this space regularly for now, since I'm having holidays already! YAY!!!!!!!

typicalben cab

Since it's been so long, I shall show you a huge camwhore picture of me! Lol!

typicalben camwhore in cab

Taken the other day when I was otw going to do my hair!

typicalben taxi

singapore view from taxi

I think the cab driver took a longer way though.....

mbs view from taxi

typicalben on cab texting

Just a short update to tell you guys I'm back, till tomorrow!!!!!!


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  1. Lionel8:24 pm

    YAY, You are back blogging :D

  2. Anonymous12:37 am

    Where do u get the leopard specs?

  3. christine8:11 am

    Looking forward to see your new hair cut! :)