I finally stop jumping around my house...

May 11, 2012

Okay, now I'm finally settled down in front of my lappy typing this! You know just now I was singing and jumping around the house and I think it became tad annoying that my mum and dad totally ignore me afterwards. :( But they also quite annoying you know!!! This morning right while I'm still sleeping, they keep making super loads of noise and laughing and playing with each other non stop!!!!! >:(

Totally woke me up from my sleep, and somemore I slept pretty late (around 5am) so I'm abit grumpy!!

Well, on the other note... sometimes I'm really happy that my parents can be so loving even after so many years, I think it's very rare leh! With all the divorce rate raising and all, I'm so glad that they still maintain a very loving and healthy relationship! I ALSO WANT A RELATIONSHIP LIKE THAT K!

It's very sad to always see my friends or acquaintances that ended their relationship so suddenly when they are together for years, it's like once a relationship reached the 3-4 years stage, there's a curse like that. So many people would break up at that stage one, I don't know why.

OKAY ALL THESE NONSENSE ASIDE.. We cannot believe in all this rubbish! HAHA!

typicalben highlight hair

My hair after haircut and dye! I did highlights too!

But I think this picture like makes my hair colour looks quite ugly! I don't know why turn out like that in pictures, but it's not like that in real life! Angie say she love my hair cause got like 3 colour! HAHA!


With JJ while we are on our way to school!

typicalben in school

Waiting for uni mates to finish photocopy notes for all of us!

And I was so tired that day, and I just sat beside the photocopy machine since there's no much people in school that day, and only us so yeah. But then one of my friend tell me, cannot sit beside the photocopy machine one cause it will emit radiation and it's not good for us wtf. 

After sitting there for so long until they gonna finish photocopying then she tell me -_- omg.

typicalben in school 2

typicalben sky blue pants

Met up with Kx the other day to catch up and to shop alittle!

And I miss her so much, cause she totally went MIA since don't know when as she's busy studying and preparing for exams! And the rest of us (Fingers), even we got exams still got meet up except her lor!

anges b bracelet

Oh and I went to get this agnès b bracelet that I wanted since months ago too!

Actually we saw this bracelet together one, and all of us wanted to buy together for our friendship anniversary but I don't know why we didn't buy in the end lol. But even if we want to now, it's too late cause there isn't any stock left anymore! I bought the last brand new piece in Singapore HAHAHA!!

typicalben sky blue pants mirror

Pastel sky blue pants from F21!

typicalben kx angie zj

Me, Kx, Angie and Zj!

We then met Angie and Zj for dinner! Ting isn't here cause she's in Taiwan for her graduation trip!

mango salad

Mango salad! Don't know why they order, not nice at all one!

typicalben bali thai

Okay, last picture of me! Gotta go prepare and head out now! :D


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  1. christine4:54 pm

    Your hair suits you well !!! if no photo color editting. :)
    Nevertheless, you look great man!

  2. Anonymous3:24 pm

    no wonder i find your f21 pastel blue jeans familiar, my gf has the same exact pair.
    and it is for the ladies, ain't your crotch painful?!?
    it's a pair of super skinnies, yo!


  4. Guest2.2:23 pm

    Can i know where did you have your hair dyed and what are the colours? If i wanna dye the same colour as you, what should i tell the hairstylist?