Regular visit to Omni Dental Centre

May 14, 2012

So the other day I went for my regular visit to Omni Dental Centre to get my invisalign aligners! :D

Not sure whether did I mention it before, but it's like they will give you 3 sets of invisalign aligners at a time, and after 6 weeks (change to a new set every 2 weeks) you have to go back to the clinic and let your orthodontist to check the progress and then they will then give you another 3 sets! So yeah!

typicalben omni dental centre visit

Over at Omni Dental Centre waiting for my turn...... ;)

omni dental centre

law book omni dental centre

Was preparing for exams the other time, and I bought my law book along lol!

invisalign typicalben

I'm the the 14th set now!

And my super loving and friendly orthodontist, Dr Loh told me that my progress is really well and that I still got afew more sets to go only! I think still got around 6-8 more sets? 

Okay, I couldn't remember how many sets that I need to wear before it completes already lol! (>_<)

Oh! Plus I love how Omni Dentre Centre is so conveniently located at town, at Heeren office building only! So if you all have any questions regarding invisalign treatment or if you guys are keen on doing it (or even other treatments), do give them a call 6737 7375 or visit their website here for more details!

Ending off this entry with a picture of me smiling with my invisialign on!!!! :D :D :D

typicalben smile with invisalign on

I'll also update you guys on the progress of my teeth the next entry k, yes with pictures of it!!!!


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