Finally bought my cookie monster phone cover!

May 29, 2012

Muhahahaha!!! I'm so happy cause I just bought the cookie monster iPhone cover which I've been searching around for the longest time ever, over at their sesame street official website!

I suddenly feel I'm abit stupid, cause I should have gotten it online long ago so I can save the hassle of me going around to different malls looking for it! -_- I actually got try to find online previously, but I only came across websites which sell it at like a very ridiculous high price! So I thought it would be better off to get it over at the physical store instead, don't need to wait for it to ship and it's also much cheaper!

But the thing is I couldn't find it anywhere anymore afterwards!

I think it's a very last year thing, cause the first time I saw it was last year over at Funan Courts but I was still using bb that time so I didn't buy! But recently while I was looking around for it, I still see some shops having elmo one but not cookie monster! I THOUGHT EVERYONE LIKE ELMO MORE?!!!!

Why everyone go buy up cookie monster???!! Lol!!!

But I should have known of their official website earlier, if not I'll be using it now already! And I not only bought the phone cover, I also bought a cookie monster water bottle as well!!! Wooohooooo!!!!

It's gonna ship to me in 24 days though, which is super long!! And I reckon it will take longer than that cause everytime they will delay one!!! I'll take pictures and show you guys when it arrives k!

Anyway, I think I'm going to stay at home for the whole of this week cause I'm so tired, so so tired.

I think it's the aftermath of going out every single day for last week lor! Thinking of going to town now makes me wanna vomit even, getting so sick of it. K pictures time! Met up with Jingjing and we went Bugis to shop, but end up I never buy anything at all cause I see nothing that I like! Booo~

typicalben korean bbq

We went to have Korean BBQ for dinner after shopping!

korean bbq

Their kimchi is super spicy so we only have 2 plates of it!

Cause usually I'll eat alot of their kimchi cause I like kimchi alot heheh!! Plus all these korean bbq right, it's all free flow one what so why not right! But this time round their kimchi too spicy already! :/

korean bbq 2


jing jing korean bbq

Here's JJ while she bbq! If you notice, my phone (left) also got her picture wtf. HAHA!

korean bbq 3

Lol! 2 prawns, 2 mussels and 2 sausages!

We find it super funny, cause we didn't know it's by pieces and not ordered by portions, like how those meats are being ordered! So when it came, we were like...... err... okay..... HAHAHAHAHA!

jipaban grey tee

Wearing this cute tee from Jipaban and it's only $10.50!!!!

Super cheap right cause it's on sales! You guys can go get it too, I'll give y'all the link... they have 3 colours but the grey one is oos already! But they still have the one in white and the red one though!

typicalben lindy brandy

Met up with lindy and brandy last week as well! It's been so long!

squid ink pizza

First time trying squid ink pizza, cause I'm not really a fan of squid ink!

sides food

Side dishes that we ordered as well!

typicalben pizza

That's all for today! I'm going to go change and record video with ran now! Bye! :D


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  1. Hi Ben!!!! Could you please tweet or something about where to get the elmo iphone case? Have been searching for it! Thanks :-)

  2. Anonymous1:18 pm

    he tweet before