Omg my results will be out tomorrow!

May 30, 2012

To be frank I'm quite nervous wtf.

You know for my previous semester, the day when the results is out.... I woke up to texts and calls from my uni friends asking me to check as they have all already done so! What?!! Which that makes me even more nervous, I don't know why! And I was shivering when I was checking my results lor! :/

I guess tomorrow will be the same as well, cause recently I only sleep at around 5-6am! So unless the results is out by then (which I highly doubt so, but I think I'll still check heheh), if not I'll check later in the afternoon when I'm awake! Okay omg, I need to stop talking about it.

Was out with Esther and Isaac the other day and suddenly Tat called and asked me whether if I wanna meet few of them for supper! Omg of course I said yes!!! It's been so long since I see my Airforce mates!!

They then came over to fetch me afterwards, and we went to Chinatown for supper!

chinatown food places 2

We went to this place that I've never been before, but Tat did and he say it's good!

chinatown food places

The menu! And we ordered some bbq food at first, since we are not really that hungry!

Cause some of us just had dinner right before only, including myself! I think Tat is the only one who is hungry cause he didn't had his dinner lol. But since we are there already, we must try right hahah!

And this Chan Seng ask me to (must) post up this series of picture of him, so here you go....

chanseng tat 1

Posing for picture!

chanseng tat 2

Still posing for picture and trying to be cute, while the aunty caught him in act lol!

chanseng tat 3

Then both of them burst into laughter, abit siao one them -_-!

typicalben chanseng tat

Me, Chan Seng and Tat!

chinatown bbq food

The random bbq food they ordered! Quite nice but very salty!

chanseng tat kenny typicalben

Group picture taken by the aunty there using Tat's phone! Kenny is behind me!

And apparently I don't know why I didn't use my camera to take the picture...

chanseng tat kenny typicalben funny faces

Using the front facing camera!!

chinatown food

In the end we ordered more food, cause the bbq turns out to be so little and we didn't had enough!

After that, we drive to see HUGE landed houses again!!! Not those normal landed kind!!

The previous time when I supper with them we also went to see, cause Chan Seng drives and they know where is it! It's so pretty and fucking huge! Some got huge fountain and huge gates, very drama kind!!!

huge house wtf

But it's already dark so this is the only picture that I managed to take, which doesn't do justice to it!

crystal jade chicken

You must be thinking why a picture of a plate of chicken right?!!!

Cause it's very cheap lol! Me and my uni mates were dining over at Crystal Jade and the waitress said they were having promotion and asked if I wanna have 三杯鸡 ("Three-Cup Chicken") which cost only $8.80!

So I said okay cause I thought it's gonna be a small portion, and since it's $8.80 it should be for one pax! So the rest of them ordered their food as well... but end up they give me one whole chicken wtf!!!!!!

Why is it so cheap ah??!! We were so shocked when this whole plate of chicken came! HAHAH!

typicalben eug birthday party

Over at Eug's (uni mate) birthday party, and this is the only picture that I'm gonna post
cause the rest of the pictures are either all blur or ugly!

my blue socks

Okay, maybe 2 pictures! Here's another one of my socks & I'm stepping on Ger's leg lol!!


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  1. Angela Gee7:09 am

    The food looks so good =-O