Invisalign really move my teeth!!!!

May 31, 2012

AND IT REALLY DOES!!!!!!!!!!! :D

As you all know, I'm already halfway through my invisalign treatment with Omni Dentre Centre and today I'm gonna show you guys the improvement of my teeth since the very start and now, the current state of it! Though it's still not done yet, but I'm sure you guys can see the difference one!

Okay, so this is the picture of my teeth when I first started to wear the invisalign....

typicalben teeth 1st set of invisalign

When I'm on the 1st set of my invisalign.

In any case for those who are wondering, the little white bumps on some of my teeth are called the attachments, which will help to hold on to the aligners when I put it on.

And and and, here we have........

typicalben teeth 15th set of invisalign

The current state of my teeth, on the 15th set of invisalign.

You all can see the difference right!!!! Especially my front tooth, it's not that crooked and protruding anymore! And also my bottom row of teeth are slowly moving in to the position too!!! Super happy!!!!!!

Here's another picture of my current teeth without the invisalign aligners:

teeth 15th set`

And the reason why I love invisalign, cause it's so comfortable! There's no wires or metal brackets involves unlike traditional braces! Where sometimes traditional braces will cause ulcers or you can't really eat food that is too hard, as there might be a risk that the brackets will break....

With invisalign right, we can eat basically anything! Plus can brush and floss easily as well!

Here's the comparison picture of my teeth from the start and current state:

typicalben  invisalign teeth  updates

It's slowly moving into position and I super can't wait for it to complete!

And soon enough, really soon enough...... I'll have straight beautiful teeth!!!! YAY!!!! *excited*

Anyway, I just went for my regular visit few days back and I always feel very happy whenever I visit them cause their staff, especially the nurses there, are so friendly and nice!! I really like them you know, they always put a smile on their face and I always make small talks with them cause they're so friendly!

Hahaha! Not only that, I now then realise they have a iMac for all the patients to use!!

omni dental centre imac

I went to took a picture of it cause I wanna show you guys! Hahaha!

I haven't really get to use before though cause I didn't know it existed -_-, maybe I should go use it on the next visit! And I was also told that they have free wifi connection around the dental centre too!

Other than that, they also have gourmet coffee, fruit juices (without sugar), magazines and a tv there as well! So you won't feel bored while waiting for your turn! I'll take pictures next time!

Anyway, if you guys interested in invisalign treatment or even other treatments can give them a call at 6737 7375! As they are a specialist dental clinic with all the specialists under one roof, you guys can get dental care from different specialist all over there without the need to be referred out to other clinics!

Also y'all can visit their website for more details too! ;)


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  1. how much. :)

  2. WOW it did WONDERS! D: Xiaxue had amazing results as well!