May 24, 2012

Omg! This week will be really busy cause I'll be meeting my friends for every single day for the whole week. Lol I know right, meeting friends is considered as busy to me (tiring also cause need to travel) as I love staying at home one! Don't know why I plan this week schedule to be so packed also, mad.

And you know last Friday right, suddenly my right chest keep having this super sharp pain when I cough or sneeze or when I bring myself up (when I'm lying down) or when I bend down. The pain is super painful and is those kind of piercing pain, which makes me quite worried cause I scared it's some kind of illness or what. So I quickly went to see my family doctor and end up he said it's nothing much.

He say it's due to my veins or nerves or something like that, which isn't a big issue. -_-

He then ask me to take medicine and rest can already. AND I TELL YOU the meds is like super strong kind which puts me to sleep everytime I take it, which I really hate that feeling! I feel so lethargic and I think the meds only serve as a painkiller so it doesn't really cure at all, just temporary only.

So after taking the medication for like 2 days, I stopped cause it doesn't work as the pain will come back again when I didn't take it, so I confirm it is painkiller. And I went to shifu (師父/master) there to find him to help me to massage. Okay, I know I didn't mention this before but I'm really thankful for him and without him I think my body will be so screwed and with all sorts of shitty problem and sickness lor.

I've been going there for massage since poly days until now, where I'll go when I'm free! Or I can say whenever there's something happen to my body, then I'll go find him lol.

Like most common shit I get is my shoulder or neck in pain/sprain etc, and also I remember got one time my leg got sharp pain when I run also, where I cannot even rotate my feet at all. Plus all sorts of random problems which I couldn't really remember now. So shifu, which is what everyone call him, is really a super nice person to me lah and he helps people to massage. But his massage is not those typical massage like relaxing type, but those super super painful kind. I think the pain is really quite unbearable sometimes eh and I always hear people screaming one, but it cures so I think that's the reason why people still go.

So yes, back to what I said earlier...

I went to him on Monday and he helped me to massage and the pain is gone after that wtf. I was so happy and thankful and I told him I was very scared previously about it cause I thought it's some illness or something cause apparently the doctor say I'll have to go for x-ray if the pain persist after medication.

And the point about writing all this down is cause I really wanna thank him!!!! I really feel very thankful that he actually sort of help me ease all the pain and problem with my body for so many years already! Since poly days you know, I think got around 5 years already? Not only me but daddy, ran and mummy (last time) also go to him one! THANK YOU SHIFU, SUPER LOVE YOU! :')

Anyway, I've edited some pictures!!!!

typicalben orange cushion studio m hotel

Guess where am I? Heh!

The other time during my exams study break period, I studied over at studio m hotel and ended up it was pretty efficient. I was studying my marketing, buyer behaviour module and it's really crazy cause there's so much that are needed to memorise and all. But I didn't memorise much in the end, cause I just read through which I kinda regretted cause come out alot of definition kind of questions in mcq.

Results will be out soon also, scary! :/

typicalben with orange cushion studio m hotel

Another camwhore of me 'pretending that I'm not the one who took this pic' lol (similar to above).

studio m hotel

Since I'm first time there so I took a few pictures of the room.

studio m hotel view

On the left.

studio m hotel view 2

On the right.

typicalben mirror reflection studio m hotel

Mirror reflection!

studio m hotel view 3

Yes, you can see my textbook right!

studio m hotel view 4

Stairs to the bed.

studio m hotel view 5

And I was standing on the study desk to take this picture hahaha!

please mind your head lol

typicalben hair studio m hotel

My natural hair without waxing it!

room service food

Ordered room service for the night and the food is really bad.

The chicken is cold and it taste pretty much like shit. Cup noodles taste 10000 times better!

cute strawberry milk bottle

Bought a bottle of this strawberry milk from 7-11 which taste like shit also.

pretz biscuit

Love pretz!

typicalben studio m hotel

Before checking out the hotel!

And yes, I keep wearing this grey pullover recently cause it's so comfy (just wore it yesterday too)! Super great buy lor cause I gotten it from F21 Men's during sales and it only cost less than $15 bucks! I think it's around $10-$15, I couldn't remember! And the important thing is that most of their Men's stuff are not very nice one, so it's considered one of the better one there already!

And I tried to take pretty shot of me before checking out with timer! Here I present you....

typicalben black and white window shot

typicalben black and white window shot 2

Another one! But I think the first one nicer, got more feel right! Hahaha!

Oh yah! This year mother's day, me and ran bought for mummy her favourite Khalil Fong concert tickets over at Genting and she will be going it with daddy! She is super happy about it cause she really like him, like how I like Stefanie Sun and how ran like SNSD. Hahahaha!

khalil fong genting concert tickets

The picture she took and posted on her Facebook! Glad she's happy! :)


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  1. Phyllis11:56 pm


    Did you checked into the hotel for the whole day or only for a few hours? And do you know what's the rate? 

    And you are so cute, haha. You are the 1st ever person I 'know' that checked into a hotel just to study. Good lucks to your studies! Cheers :D 

  2. Anonymous9:47 pm


    i have been suffering from neck aches for the longest time. May i know who is the shifu that you are refering to? where can i find him? thanks

  3. typicalben11:37 pm

    Do email me! I'll give you the details there!