Me and my galaxy top.

May 25, 2012

typicalben camwhore

Photo of the day!

typicalben galaxy top

Heading out and I'm wearing this galaxy top that I bought from Batam 2 years back!

angie typicalben ting

With Angie and Ting! Kx is helping us to take the picture!

typicalben pedicure

Went to do my first ever classic pedicure!

I decided to go do because my toe nails is in horrible state! :(

I think people can actually go do their nails when their nails is in really bad state cause after doing afew times your nails will look better and nicer then you can afterwards cut yourself already! You know last time my fingernails is super hideous one (I tweet a picture of it before) but after doing manicure for afew times, they help me to fix the shape of my nails and now it's looks so much better! 

I haven't tried doing classic pedicure (or even manicure) previously before this cause I always thought that there isn't a need to (I'll only do express), so this is my first time doing classic for pedicure and it's only until when I see the person doing it for me, I then realise it's really quite dirty lol! 

The person also abit drama one cause at one point of time, she stopped and wipe of her sweat which makes it seems like my toe nails are too dirty already and it's a very tiring for her! But no hor, it's not really that dirty at all please cause I always got cut one what! I think she trying to yan xi (acting?) with me only! Hahaha! I know cause I also always like to yan xi one, so I know she real or acting only! Hahaha! 

But there's one thing I really don't understand is that, why some nail parlour they want to charge extra money (around $5-$10) on top of the stated price for guys only? Not all lah but some of them.

Why ah??! Is it because guys nails is bigger or what? :/

dim sum

We went to have dim sum afterwards! Love Chinese cuisine! 

typicalben cam whore

Alright, shall end it off with another of my camwhore picture! :D


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  1. Catherine3:57 am

    I love your galaxy top, so awesome!

  2. crayessshiat10:08 am

    Hey where did you get your black top on your bday post? ^^

  3. where is this chinese restaurant? the bun look nice.
    how much is the pedicure?
    where do u buy the 5 tier drawer in your bedroom? thanks.

  4. Cos guys dead skin more n need more energy to file off.. U can try ladyfinger.. No surcharge for guys... I signed a package 332 for ten sessions share w friends so it is really affordable plus they. Provide drinks

  5. Blegh, that's so rude of them to charge more :C boo!
    The food looks amazing btw! : D Food porn noms!
    And you're really a gorgeous guy! Good to see you taking care of yourself : D