Bffs Fingers meet up!

June 06, 2012

Lol I just realise all my recent entries is about me meeting up with all my different groups of friends!

And yes, this one as well! Met up with Fingers after quite some time as we were all busy with our personal stuff! But I guess they need no introduction, so let's just straight go to the pictures!! Hahaha!!

taiwan sky lantern souvenirs

Ting bought back this sky lantern souvenirs for us from Taiwan!

As she recently just came back from Taiwan for her grad trip, so fun right!

I can't wait for my grad trip!!!! But I'm not sure where will my uni mates wanna go. The other time I was asking JJ where are we going for our grad trip, and we were suggesting alot of different countries and the last country she mention was bkk! Like what -_- cause she say we can go crazy together there and shop.

Hahahaha! Mad one her, think of shopping too much already! And somemore she's going this month with her family lor! Aiya, I'm so jelly and abit sian talking about bkk now cause I actually plan to go during July, before my school starts! But because of my ICT (which ends on the 6th July) and also the date that school starts (9th July), we cannot go anymore! I was still so excited about it the other time man!

ting with her ramen

Ting with her ramen!

seafood ramen

The seafood ramen that I had.

the girls while shopping

Then afterwards, we went to walk around and shop alittle!

typicalben and angie

With Angie!

typicalben and kx

And Kx! Lol! The lighting there is very good so I took picture with all of them!

typicalben and zj

And the botak (again) Zj cause he went for BMT as he up pes recently!

desserts cheesecake tartlets

Sweet treats dessert time!!!

sweet desserts

fingers eating desserts

Angie very happy cause she finally get to eat her tartlet!

taiwan sky lantern souvenir with wishes

Ending off with picture of the sky lantern souvenir!

Ting say every lantern have different wishes, and the one she got for me is to wish that I'll do well for my exams and get good grades! Thankyou ting, yes I will!!!!!! And not only that, she even got me something that she specially went to get for me, which only I have and the rest of the Fingers don't have hor!!

I don't want to reveal too much, but it's something like an amulet for a purpose!!!

I was so mad touched about it lor!! Thank you bff, super love you!!! :')


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  1. omg the foooood! NOM NOM! : D Delicious! You guys are so pretty! If my friends and I were that attractive we'd meet up all the time too, just to make the rest of the world jealous of our perfection ; D haha!

  2. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Hi typicalben. Do you mind asking your BFF where is the exact place she bought the sky lantern souvenir in Taiwan? The lil sky lantern souvenir is a thoughtful gift. Plan to get it too when I'm heading to Taiwan.

    1. Anonymous1:43 am

      Its at shifen 十分 can go jiu fen walk walk first then take a train from ruifang station to shifen to release the sky lantern!!! There got sell different kinds of sky lantern souvernirs... :)