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June 07, 2012

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typicalben blogshop shoot

Hello guys! :D

Today I have with me a top and a pair of shoes from HHomme that I wanna show you guys!

For those who didn't know, HHomme is actually an affiliate site of Hollyhoque.com! Which I'm sure many of you have heard of them before, as it's a popular online store that sells exclusively manufactured female apparels! So yay to them for having one now that caters to the guys! Woohooo!

typicalben full Hollyhoque hhommecollection

Full view! The top and shoes that are from Homme!

Aztec Pocket Tee close up Hollyhoque hhommecollection

A closer look at the details of the pocket of their White Aztec Pocket Tee!

typicalben full 2 Hollyhoque hhommecollection

Okay, please ignore my black roots lol!

And I was told that, all the items on HHomme are carefully picked and imported by them! So you don't have to fear about bumping into someone with the same outfit on the streets! Awesome right!

typicalben shoes Hollyhoque hhommecollection

A closer look now at the shoes, which will be released really soon in their next collection!

But you don't have to wait! Cause currently, they already have loads of nice stuff for their first collection! Come, I'll show you guys! And since we are on shoes, I shall start from there.......

Hollyhoque hhommecollections shoes

This is another pair of shoes that they have in their current collection!

Nice right! It's a lace up suede boots in camel colour, here's the direct link to the item! And I initially wanted it too, but they don't have my size anymore the other time! :(

Hollyhoque hhommecollections shoes 2

Yes, they also have other design of shoes as well!

Hollyhoque hhommecollections tees

Not just shoes, they also have tees shirts!

Hollyhoque hhommecollections shirts

Button up shirts!

Hollyhoque hhommecollections pants

And also slim fit chinos as well!

typicalben Aztec Pocket Tee Hollyhoque hhommecollection

Heh! Another picture of me in their white aztec pocket tee!

So start shopping now and go check them over out at....


p/s: Oh! You guys can also go to their Facebook Page for any first hand updates too! And if you people have any enquires of any sort, you can contact them at: hhommecollections@gmail.com! ;)


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  1. Anonymous2:19 am

    Hi, may I know what size you are wearing for the white T-shirt with Aztec prints? M eh?