I cried when I saw my semester 2 results.

June 09, 2012

It's been so fast and I already ended my first year in perusing my degree!!

Yes, just 1.5 more years more to go since it's 2.5 years for my course! Well, you know I didn't really want to blog about my results at first though, not only until I cried so hard when I see it lol.

It's kinda embarrassing, I know hahaha....

This semester pass by really quickly and I can say that I've been consistently doing quite abit of revision and also did studied hard for my exams as how I did for last semester. Though the difference is, this time round when taking the exams, I didn't feel that stress and nervous as compared to the first semester. I guess it's because it's already the second time, so that's why it's less of the nervousness.

But I'm so glad that my efforts for studying so hard actually paid off in the results. Not that it's fantastic but it's good enough for me already I think. And I keep having positive mindset throughout during my study break period while I mug hard for exam, I keep on telling myself I can do it and I will pass! Hahah!!

After taking the exams, I actually feel quite uneasy about the papers cause I think I didn't do well enough. I'm particularly worried for my stats paper and also buyer behaviour (marketing paper) as the stats paper I thought it's pretty much of a gone case as I don't really know how to answer most of the questions.

It's like so different as compared to what we usually do and practice. It makes me quite sad though cause me and my friends really do and practice all the stats question like mad. And stats is pretty much a module that I dislike though cause it's maths related, and some of you might know that my weakest subject is maths and I quite hate it. And for buyer behaviour paper, the reason why I'm worried is because we have to pass it no matter what in order to advance to next semester as it's a prerequisite module. So if I somehow fail it, I'll have to repeat just this module again ONLY for the whole semester -_-!

Which is super lame right if you have to waste additional one semester to do just one module.

So yes, was quite worried but I keep trying to think of the good side and few days before the results was release, I had a image of the results in my mind as PASS, PASS, CREDIT and DISTINCTION.

And I told one of my friend about it, so she ask me "so which module is the one that you think will get distinction?" (based on what I hope and the image of what the results would be). I then replied her, "Commercial Law". Then she was like, "WAH LAW AH YOU SURE ANOT."

I know right! Everyone will give me this kind of replies and doubt when I said that, cause from what we know...... the failure rate is super high and it's quite hard to study for it as well.

And I remember I did also actually said it before about wanting to get distinction for my law paper, early back starting of this semester to JJ too! But they also give me a face that it's not really possible one, so nevermind I hope I can prove to them that I can do it. Not with really high hopes that I'll get it lah, cause I know it's tough... but I somehow focus abit more on law and studied harder for it.

So the day when the results release, I went to check and I saw I pass every single module!!!!!!!

I was so happy that I cannot believe myself cause the results was really similiar to what I thought of or I should say abit better than what I expected!!!!! It was PASS, CREDIT, CREDIT, DISTINCTION.

So I run over to my parents and tell them that I managed to pass all and I'm so happy!!!!!

I was then immersed in joy for few minutes while I whatsapp JJ and some of my other uni mates telling them about my results and stuff, and afterwards I went to do some stuff (which I've forgotten what I've done... probably washing up or so, but I don't think it is lol) then after like maybe 15-30mins later I went back again to check my results cause I couldn't believe that I really managed to pass all!!!!

This is the time I couldn't control my emotions and run over to my mum after I checked and see my results again and told her that "OMG OMG!!! Mummy!! I really get distinction for my law paper and I managed to passed all my modules!!!!! HOW CAN THAT BE!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!"

And immediately after saying that, I went back to my room and CRY LIKE MAD lol.

I don't know why I suddenly cry as well, cause the tears came out so naturally and sudden!!! But I guess I cried because I was too happy that I managed to pass all my modules and on top of that I actually get distinction for my law module!!! All this adds up and I was just really overwhelmed by it!

I think it's also because I regard this exams as a really important matter to me, and I was so glad that all my efforts for studying paid off! And and and I actually get distinction for my law module which is just so unbelievable wtf!!!!!! :') I know it might be nothing to some people lah, and they might think I'm making a fuss out of it as it's only a distinction. But to me I really think it's some thing you know hahaha!

So I ended up crying really hard and was sobbing in my bed for like a good whole 10 minutes (please don't judge me tsk), and when I finally stop.... I then went to tweet to tell you guys about it.

(Read from the bottom to up!)

typicalben tweets after results

I'm really happy lor and really thanks to everyone who actually believed that I can do it. *wipes tears lol*

Ehhh.. I know it sounds abit cliché to keep saying this but it's true cause when I'm studying like mad or when I'm nervous or stress about the exams, all your nice motivating messages and wishes really makes me feel so much better!! It gave me a push and motivates me even more. So really thank you!!!

And I really hope those who are reading this now, if there are times that you feel like giving up on your studies or work or dreams or whatever, do continue to try and do your best!


You will never know, and I'm sure one day, all your hard work and efforts will be paid off! Be positive about it and let's all work hard together for whatever we believe in k! :)


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! : D I passed everything too! I'm only first year, but still.. I was so relieved.. I passed every single exam, every single test - everything throughout both semesters and by now I'm so relieved.. Now I just have a big exhibition with an extra class I'm taking on June 24th. The general rehearsal is on Monday and I didn't do jack shit T_T damn

  2. Anonymous8:16 pm

    so glad you did so well haha keep working hard ben!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    hey ben, what school are you in and would you recommend me to get into your course?

  4. Lingnny4:13 pm

    Well done Ben!