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September 20, 2012

I've been so busy with school! So hardworking lately, rushing out all our projects cause the deadline is near! We have submitted 2 projects already though, just left another 2 more to be submitted up next week! And you think after that I'll be free and can relax? NO HOR! After we are finished with our projects right, we gotta start preparing for exams already! Exams coming will be in less than a month wtf.

Hahahaha! Yes, I know I'm been all along complaining pretty much about the same thing, but what to do! Alright, enough of complaining and I shall present to you some pictures!!!!

Here's some pictures taken over at STGCC event earlier this month!! I only have few pictures in my camera, cause most of the pictures were taken using my blog manager camera so yeah!

typicalben inside stgcc

Over at STGCC with Marvel + DC superheroes portrait frame behind me!

I think this picture is like the best picture that I've taken that day, cause I really loved all the superheroes portrait frame at the back! It's like so colourful and comic-ish! Eh but why don't have Thor ah!

Oh wait! Or is it I covered him lololol! I think cannot be, should be he not there!

sgtcc media pass 2012

Media pass for STGCC that day!

I'm able to go for both the 2 days but I went for the first day and there's really really alot of people!

sgtcc media kit

The media kit bag that was given to me too!

toys at stgcc

Snapped this picture cause I think it's soooooo cuteeeee!!

All of them are like in pastel colours lol! Oh and I love Chicken Little! I remember I got wear a Chicken Little necklace before last time during my poly days wtf. Can you believe! HAHAHAHA!

toy at sgtcc

Nah! This is for you haters! Lol! Well, not that I've alot anyway but still....

Aiya no lah! Just thought this looks cool enough and also because recently I'm kinda like into skull thingy! I don't know why suddenly, but I haven't own any skull thingy stuff yet... but soon!


Tofu man right? Correct me if I'm wrong! Love his orange nose lol cute!

typicalben at stgcc

Another picture of me inside STGCC, and that's it!

I also did took quite a number of pictures with the cosplayers there but it's all not with me now and I cannot wait to blog this up already! Cause now I got motivation to blog must faster blog, if not later I'll procrastinate again one! Hahahah! But nevermind, I got one very cute one for you all!

cute kids at stgcc

3 cute little girls (I think they are sisters) cosplay to the event! Why so cute!

The eldest one with blonde wig really know how to pose very very well ah! Got potential!


typicalben camwhore mbs 2

Outside MBS sands expo & convention centre!

typicalben camwhore mbs black and white

Another similar one but in black and white + can see the aunty sitting near me lol!

typicalben camwhore mbs

The reason why I camwhore more than usual that day is because I finally wore contact lens after more than a month of not wearing it due to my eye infection!

And I haven't been wearing any contacts daily now except when there's events where I've to take alot of pictures! But even so, I'm wearing dailies contacts now so it's not so bad for my eyes! OwO

I know alot of people have been telling me there's no much difference whether I wear enlarge contact lens or not! I think maybe in real life there's really not much of a difference but in pictures right, the iris will be more define and blacker as well! Confirm will look better one!

But since now I'm wearing the dailies contacts, in comparison it looks much smaller to my monthly contacts though, so it looks quite natural now! Not so much of a enlarging effect but defining! But that's only when there's event then I'll wear lah, if not now I'm not wearing any contacts when I go out already!

Maybe I can blog about this soon! Think I'll have alot to say hahahaha!!

typicalben camwhore mbs 3

Another one! Love the effect but the guy sitting at the back spoils it alittle! ;(

outside mbs

typicalben on the phone

Last picture for this entry! Me snapping picture of myself while talking on the phone!

Quite love all these pictures, so gonna upload them all to my Facebook! Hahaha! I shall go sleep now, gotta wake up earlier later to go school to do projects! Such a good student hor lolol! K bye!


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  1. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Wondering are you listening starships while blogging this entry lololol! I always love you camwhore photos man! never failed to impress me!:DDD

  2. I was there. But didn't get to see you. Oh yeah, speaking of cosplayers, did you take pictures with touya san and yun san?