It's NOT okay to like 2 person at the same time!

September 19, 2012

So you know, I just had steamboat and was too full to get to sleep so I thought I shall blog. And I ought too as well, cause I feel like it's been a million years since I've blogged lol! Yeah, though it's not that long (obviously!) but I just feel like I haven't been typing or ranting much like I used to years back.

I don't know why too man, I guess it's prolly due to me growing older or maybe because there's so much other social media platform (ie; twitter, instagram) that I can update instantly on-the-go.

So back to what I wanna say today. I've been wanting to say this issue for the longest time but I just haven't found the right time to just sit down and blog it all out. What I wanna try to bring across is that... It's not okay to actually like 2 person at the same time!

I don't know how can some people do that and I find it really disturbing and gross out. I mean, if you like someone, you will somehow spend time and give your fullest attention to the person isn't it? So how can people actually like 2 person at the same time? You mean you're giving a 50-50 attention to both? It's either you are not really interested in them at all, or you are "fishing using the net".

And what I mean by "fishing using the net" is that you open yourself to all the different options (people) whom you are somehow interested in and see which one actually has the mutual feelings, and is interested in you back. I FIND THIS ABSURD.

In a relationship: FISH USING A ROD, NOT A NET.

Cause I don't think if you have real feelings for someone, it can be done this way.

This is not multiple choice question or asking you to choose which flavour of bubble tea you want (I would gladly choose icecream milk tea though)! You don't treat them like bubble tea, they are humans and we are talking about feelings here! And the same goes to those people who says that they are interested in you, yet at the same time he/she is still getting to know and finding other 'potential' people!

Also, there are also those kind of people who tell the other party that they are interested in them and yet their actions speaks otherwise. Not literately speaks otherwise, but maybe they did kinda 'woo you' or trying to get to know you but then suddenly it just fades away. After awhile, they appear back again to 'woo you' and say that they are still interested in you this kind of shit. NO SUCH THING.

So what's with this hot and cold cycle? So you only text or call when you feel like it? Oh, so you tell me you're seriously interested in someone when you behave this way? Got it!

This is not going to be long entry, I just hope sometimes people can just think properly and act properly before doing anything. And really, actions speaks louder than words.


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  1. Hey! just wanted to say that i recently came across your blog and i enjoy reading it! i think this post is really true snd i agree with it! Do visit my blog too! [though i just started e.e] okay! heehee. Keep updating! ^^