Do you all miss me??? I'm back!!!!

November 10, 2012

typicalben selca on cab taxi

HELLO EVERYONEEEEEEEEEE!!!! How's everyone doing???!!! :D

Omgggg how I miss this place, yes I really miss my blog!!!! It seems like it's been a hundred years since I ever blog and I kinda think that everyone has forgotten about me and already left me for good! Hahaa!!

Anyway!!! I finally finally got back my 'life' lolol, because exams are finally over (it's holiday!!!) so now I've got the time to do all my normal daily routine stuff.... that is; to sleep until afternoon, laze around at home (particularly on my bed), hang out with my friends, camwhore, edit pictures and also to sit down to blog!!! And I tell you I'm seriously really gonna blog so frequently now that you all will cannot take it one!!!

I hope the urge to blog is not temporary though cause I always say I'm going to update very frequently, which I did, but after 1-2 weeks I go back to the 'once-in-awhile-update-the-blog' mode again lol!!!


I've been quite busy even after exams you know! Cause straight after my last paper (last Friday), I kinda went to meet up with some of my friends during the weekends and then I had to pack for a filming trip with some other bloggers and over at Genting from Monday to Friday!

So which means I just came back to Singapore yesterday night okay!!!!

And I was quite disappointed with myself (let me drama abit okay hahaha!) cause I did brought my lappy and hard disk over to Genting and I wanted to blog while I was there one! But ended up I was so freaking tired that everytime after I on my lappy right, I'll feel really sleepy and cannot even update anything up eh! But I did managed to edit some pictures lah, like about 5 only lololol! Don't judge me hor!!! Very little I know but also because I was also trying to settle some of the Taiwan trip stuff as well mah hahaha!!!

Okay time for pictures!!! Come come come!!! Alot of overdue pictures to clear away!!!!!!

jingjng and typicalben on cab

Cabbing to school with jj for enrollment for our next semester!

typicalben camwhore on cab

Me me me!!!!!

Lol I think I quite love taking pictures (of myself) on the cab recently eh! Cause it seems like it will always end up with quite afew nice pictures which is profile pic worthy one! Not bad huh lolol!!

typicalben selca on cab

Another selca of me if you don't mind! ;)

jibapan top typicalben

The shirt I'm wearing is from Jipaban!

jingjng and typicalben on cab 2

Trying to be cheeky while jj is on the phone!!

jingjng and typicalben on cab 3

And she really talk for super long! So while she's taking, I'm there keep snapping non stop only lol!

typicalben camwhore on cab taxi

Another camwhore pic of myself, which is also the last one!!! Hahaha!!!

typicalben university mates group picture

In school with my uni mates!!!

typicalben university mates group picture 2

Another one which is further away, cause everyone was complaining that they look
fat in the previous one as it's so near! Siao one them!-_-

charging old iphone 4s

My previous iPhone 4s! And I just sold it away recently since I've gotten iPhone 5!

I wanted to give to mummy but she keep don't want and keep insisting that her iPhone 4 is doing her good but after I sold the phone right, her phone now like getting cranky already! Cannot even hear us when we call her lolol! Anyway, I think I might be getting a camera with the money I sold for this iPhone though!

zoey typicalben

With the cute little Zoey!!!

jayne typicalben

Met up with my blog manager for dinner and to attend an event afterwards!


Shabu-shabu!! Super yums!!!

typicalben Shabu-shabu

I love the shabu-shabu there and it's very affordable too (it's over at ion orchard)!

Bought for mummy the LV wallet that she wanted for the longest time recently as well!

Cause she has been hinting to me non-stop about it, like how much she wants it and stuff lol! So yeah.... I then go and buy for her lah and I can see that she's super super freaking happy when she received it, cause I didn't told her anything about it and she was completely clueless that I'm getting it for her too!

lv wallet box

lv wallet full view

Though it will make my $$$ fly away (say real one I got abit heart pain lolol cause I've never buy such expensive wallet for myself before even eh!), but nothing beats to see the people you love being happy and to see them smile! Especially your family members!!!! Or your partner lah!!!

The feeling when you see them happy is so warm and fuzzy and you yourself will feel happy too, which then will make you think that for everything that you do or spend ($) is all worthwhile! Isn't it!!!!

lv wallet close up

But I don't quite agree with the design she likes though!
I don't really like damier ebene design one eh, I feel monogram is much nicer!


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  1. such a nice boy you are :p

  2. how much is it in singapore? :)

  3. Nice to see you again =w=
    Looks like you had a lot of fun :3

  4. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Okay can! I will be camping here keep on spamming my F5 button waiting for your new post Ben! HAHAHA:D