Going to Taiwan in 3 days + gotten a new laptop!

November 11, 2012

I actually don't know whether should I put 3 days or 4 days on the title cause our flight is actually a midnight flight on Thursday 12am, which means it can be considered as Wednesday late night lah!

You got the drift anot! Hahaha! Cause I always don't consider it officially the next day, not only until I woke up from my sleep! Which means even if it hits 12 midnight on a Wednesday (and it means it's Thursday already), I'll still consider it as Wednesday one lololol! Noooooo, tell me I did not just spend like one paragraph to explain this cause it makes me sound super stupid hahaha!! Okay whatever.....


Really quite excited as I'm going Taiwan (for the 1st time) together with Ran, just the both of us wtf. And this is the first time that we are going overseas that is quite far (further than Malaysia) together leh!!!

We will be going for 12 days which when everyone heard me saying that all exclaimed that it's crazily too long and asked me whether I'm going to Europe instead of Taiwan cause they all say nobody actually go Taiwan so long one! WHERE GOT DON'T HAVE! If go Europe, I'll go for a month can! And I think 12 days for Taiwan is just nice leh cause I don't plan to wake up super early everyday and rush throughout the trip, it's supposed to be a holiday and I wanna relax for this trip, so I think 12 days would be just nice for us!

I still remember 2 years back when I went to Hong Kong with Fingers for a 5D4N trip and it was mad rush and tiring!! I think we all almost died from walking non stop rushing from places to places PLUS sleeping less than 5 hours a day for everyday cause we have to wake up early so that we are able to go to all the places that we planned to go in our itinerary! Like that like not considered as holiday to me leh!

Cause when we came back to Singapore we were all so dead and tired, I think like never really relax and enjoy at all! Most of the time we are just rushing and stuff, so this time round I told Ran that if we were to go for a holiday, we just try to go for as many days as we can (cause he needs to take his leave from his army thus need to plan properly) and then ended up we decided on 12 days, which I think is just nice!

But the thing is we haven't plan our this trip itinerary yet!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!

We will be staying over at Taipei for the whole of 12 days, please don't ask me why we never stay at other parts of Taiwan cause I think we don't really have much time to plan and allocate few days to each different parts of Taiwan, so I think the most is we will travel to some parts and maybe only come back to Taipei late at night. Which is not feasible for some parts of Taiwan cause travelling can take up to 5 hours if we were to travel to the further parts of Taiwan, which is mad... so we need to plan also!!!

Most likely is just to the nearby areas of Taipei bah, where we don't have to spend so much time travelling! But our main focus will be Taipei still!!! And we have to plan our itinerary already!!! Omg no more time!!!!

So anyone of you here have been to Taiwan or know Taiwan really well can recommend us where are the best place to go for shopping (like the place/shop name etc) AND which restaurant or street stalls food we must try AND where to go for hot spring, please tell us okay!!!!! We will then go and take pictures and blog about it, so next time people can roughly have a guide when they are going to Taiwan! :D

You all can tell me anywhere but not on Twitter cause I don't think you all can share the information in 140 characters!! I think leaving a comment in this entry will be good!!! Thank you all in advance!!!

But I got a feeling later end up no one commenting, I will be very paiseh (cause the trend is that no people are even bothered to leave comments on blogs nowadays!! I used to get hundred over comments last time one lor, not just me I think it applies to most of the other Singaporean bloggers as well lor)!!!!

So the other time, during my exams period...... I was asking on my Twitter that whether it's safe to actually purchase a laptop on gmarket! Cause I wanted a light and slim laptop for quite sometime already as I hate lugging my heavy Vaio to school everytime for project. And I didn't really see anything that I like with decent specification (must at least can use photoshop without lag) and also the price (as cheap as possible lolol, best is around $500-700) when I was out at malls looking for it lah!

All I saw one is either cheap but they tell me confirm cannot use photoshop or it's way too expensive!

But then one fine day, I saw this laptop selling on gmarket where it's like having around $140 off the usual price of $799, which is around $659++ lah!!! And I went out to those shopping mall to try it and it's not that bad and I also went to research on the seller, and they actually have physical shop over at Funan one!! So I thought to myself, should be can buy lah and then I went to order it! And then it came!!!!!

laptop ordered online came

First time I actually pruchase laptop online and have it delivered to my place lol!

typicalben buy laptop online

And as we are speaking now, I'm using it to blog this entry!! The laptop is pretty decent!!!!

I'm quite proud of myself as I think it's quite a steal cause I see everywhere outside is selling it at $799, and I got it about hundred over bucks cheaper!! Plus I checked the laptop thoroughly when it came and it is definitely brand new and all the hardware inside are all correct!!! Never cheat me lolol!!!

new laptop typicalben

It's slim and light too, so now whenever we have to bring our laptop to school for projects I won't be grumpy anymore lolol!! But don't talk about school first, let me enjoy my holiday ah!

I think I'll be bringing over to Taiwan so I'll be able to blog there as well!!! :D

Can someone praise me that I'm actually a quite hard working blogger? Hahaha!!! Okay, I don't say so early first! Later end up like Genting trip like that, I bring there but in the end never blog anything at all!

little twin stars mouse pad

This is really random but I just feel like showing you guys the mouse pad that I'm using!
Lol don't judge me okay, it's Little Twin Star one!! I got it from Daiso, $2 only!!!

Okay great, I just sound like a bimbo by saying it's just $2 cause everything from Daiso is $2!! -_-

Ah but to clarify, I don't really like Little Twin Star or whatever hor! It's just that I need a mouse pad for my mouse so rather than buying those fugly design I must well get this, quite cute and cheap somemore!! You all can buy Hello Kitty design one as well there if you all are interested!! And yes, I need to use mouse!!! I don't like to use the trackpad or whatever you call it! I NEED TO USE MOUSE!!

new hdd typicalben

My new hard disk drive that I bought from gmarket as well wtf.

Cause it's also very cheap!! 1TB for I think $90+ only? Somemore it's samsung one hor! I think I bought too many HDD already, now I've like 4 wtf. Too over!!! The biggest size that I have is 3TB!!!

And to complete it all, what's a laptop without a laptop pouch right! Somemore I need it as I'll be bringing to school and all, so I was also searching for one and I came across this over at Orchard 313!!!!

orange laptop pouch

My orange Tagger laptop pouch!! I bought it for $18 bucks only cause got sales!!!!

I think it's super cheap leh cause usual is around $40+++ or something right???

I saw online they are selling it at €25.00 lor!!! I went to tell Ran about it and he also went to buy! We bought 15" one lah, I think 13" one even cheaper wtf. I don't remember the shop name but they are having moving out sales or something!!! SO you all can try your luck and drop by and see if they still have!!! :)

I'll blog again tomorrow and it seems like I'm typing ALOT ALOT ALOT. Wtf just happen to me I just cannot stop typing eh! And I realise this entry got no picture of myself at all! Very good!! Bye!!!!


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  1. Wow, awesome laptop. It looks really nice =w= Congrats.
    And have fun on your trip to Taiwan :3

  2. Anonymous8:51 am

    http://www.chuckei.com/2011/08/taiwan-trip-dazzling-cafe.html?m=1 Hmm. I see other blogger suggesr this place at taiwan. If you dont mind, check this out.

  3. How about the zoo? Should be quite fun to see the pandas there. Even though SG has it. BUT, there are more interesting animals there~

  4. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Yea as the anonymous stated above, you can go and read Chuckei Baby Jane's Taiwan posts! Maybe you can have some ideas after reading them! But hor, I am pretty sure that your pictures will be much more nicer and chio-er than her one! Right right?! cuz you are TYPICALBEN lololol!

  5. Anonymous1:03 pm

    u are so cute, finally u are blogging so much. luv your blog!

  6. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Lenovo is a good brand, don't worry! They make IBM laptops de. :)

  7. The night markets and their food is a must!...

  8. Anonymous9:13 am

    i'm a lenovo user too!! Love this brand!! V.durable & lasting... i love ur orange tagger pouch !! Hope u hav an enjoyable taiwan trip! Looking forward to ur taiwan updates when u return... =)

  9. There's a restaurant called Dancing Perfume that I had recently during my vacation in Taiwan, it's pretty close to a main intersection and the MRT, so it's not difficult to get to. The desserts are gorgeous and the food is pretty good! And so are the drinks! The website is here! http://www.zoe-grp.com/perfumedance/ if you get the chance go check it out!

  10. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Hi Ben!

    I think you can go to their night markets and try the food there! Generally food there is not bad one! :D I think taiwan have a lot of small hotels, so they also do not provide international buffet as breakfast (not sure of your hotel) BUT I think you can request that you don't need breakfast (cheaper rates) and go eat their 早餐店! If not you can go 7-11 eat their bentos, very cheap and got a lot of 料 one! Think you can go wu fen pu too, that's their wholesale place, it is crazily big, can spend one whole day there! But don't go on Mondays because Mondays, a lot of stores are "closed" for people to take whole-saling!

    If you want, you can go to this restaurant, which is like dining in a tree: http://www.taiwanfun.com/north/taipei/dining/0608/0608Fivecent.htm. Prices aren't cheap and the food is like zi char, so might be a lot for two but I really love the food and atmosphere there!

    I think taiwan got a lot of waterplaygrounds and those theme parks (not sure if Taipei have it) but they are usually massive and fun! I think since you are going for 12 days and only in Taipei, can take it slow and live the 12 days like a Taiwanese!

    Hope you have loads of fun!


  11. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Why not you ask Ting!? She just went back from there months ago what

  12. crazy. spend 12 days in taipei. when you can finish everything WITHOUT rush in less than 5 days.

  13. Anonymous11:53 am

    Hi, can I know what is the model of your new lenovo laptop? is it good? planning to change a new laptop too.

  14. Anonymous9:32 am

    night markets / maokong cable car / jiu fen / fisherman's wharf / eslite bookstore / wu fen pu / sky lanterns @ pingxi / museums

    basically thats where i went to earlier on this year and all these were covered in five days time! During the fourth day i basically had no idea where to go next on the fourth night onwards.

    have fun!