My orange orange orange hair!

December 04, 2012

(Special discount code exclusively for all of you guys at the bottom of the entry)

Yay yay yay!!! Finally gonna post up pictures of my orange hair here!!!!!

orange hair colour

My awesome hair cut and colour done by Action Hair Salon!!

I actually did it quite some time back already, during September I think (omg that's like 3 months back wtf) and now I'm already having another hair colour and hair style which some of you who have followed me on Instagram or my other social media site will know! Everyone have been calling my new hair the "Cookie Monster hair colour"!!! So happy lolol cause I super love Cookie Monster hahaha!!!

Yup, of course I'll be posting pictures my latest hair up very soon, but for now let me show you guys more pictures of my orange hair first cause I think I haven't been posting up any here at all!!!

orange hair typicalben

Close up on the hair cut and colour!!! It's short and fluffy, I super love it!!!

And below are some of the pictures that I took on the day when I had my hair colour! And all the pictures in this entry right, the colours are non edited so what you see is what you get in real life! Heheh!

orange hair colour

typicalben orange hair

You can see that the colour is not as vibrant yet (but still very nice leh), and after
afew wash right it becomes the colour that I've posted up earlier!

typicalben orange hair colour

Now looking back at all these pictures makes me miss my orange hair so much!!!!! :'(

It's really nice right!!!! Thank you Action Hair Salon for taking care of my hair and always deliver what I want and expect without fail!!! Cause you know, I always have in mind what colour or hair cut I wanna do before I go and when I tell my stylist about it, they will always do my hair just the way I want it!! But of course they also do give their professional advice along as well!! Thank you thank you lol!!!

Action Hair Salon
Paragon Shopping Centre #05-08
Tel: 6732 1003


Action Hair Boutique
02 Bay Front Avenue
Galleria level B1-150 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 6688 7321

So if you guys wanna do your hair I would really recommend Action Hair Salon as you will really see the difference in the awesome service that they provide as compared to elsewhere one!!

And specially for you guys, there's a special discount this December!!!!!

Just quote "Typicalben" and get $50 off - for hair dye/highlights service!!!!
(Basically it means for any chemical services right, you will get $50 off! Yay!)
(And it's limited to the first 50 pax only, so hurry don't wait already! ^_^)

I know some of you have already went down to do your hair, but for those who haven't or wanna go do again.... it's time to go!!!! Cause I think it's really worth it since they are giving a $50 discount for all of you guys!! You can even bring your friends or family along too, just quote my name for discount can already!!!

Yeah, it's so easy breezy beautiful... covergirl!! Hahahaha!!! Ending off with 2 pictures of me!!

typicalben orange hair colour dye`

orange hair colour dye typicalben`

p/s: I was having quite a bad complexion that day when I took all these photos,
as you can clearly see from the 2 pictures above! T.T


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  1. Anonymous7:11 am

    you look really good in this hair color! xD