New #BenRanAway video + random pictures!

December 05, 2012

We just posted up a new #BenRanAway video few days back! Have you watched it? :D

We recorded this video the same day as we record our make up tutorial video and we initially didn't really wanted to post it one though, cause we thought it's quite boring but ended up it's not!!! It's pretty hilarious I must say, cause I laughed quite abit when I watched it the first time (Ran is the one editing the video so I don't really get to watch it till the end product is out)! Plus alot of you people also liked it as well, received so many nice tweets by you guys on twitter! Thankyou thankyou, we are super happy! Hahaha!!

And for those who haven't watched, here's the video below....

Some random pictures that was taken quite sometime back when I'm still having my orange hair!

I definitely missed it alot, cause I loved the colour but it seems like everyone prefer me with other colours except orange. I think it's because it clashes with my skin tone, cause I'm quite tanned.

typicalben with orange red hair colour

Me me me!! Snapping a picture while going down the stairs!!

typicalben demin top

With my all time favourite denim shirt!

typicalben night full body shot 2

This was taken after NuffnangX event!

typicalben night full body shot

Another one!

percy pig

Random: The other time I kept buying 'percy pig and pals' sweet! It's quite nice leh!
I rank the cow flavour 1st, sheep will be 2nd and the pig 3rd! Lololol!

Omg I'm so hungry now, it's like 3am now but when you guys are reading this I should be in Malacca already. So this is a scheduled post lah, and as I'm blogging now I'm super super hungry and I really wanna eat something! But my parents have been scolding me for eating so late at night everytime and say it's not good for my health if I eat so full and go sleep straight away especially so late during the midnight!

No I cannot take it already, I'm so gonna go grab some food! I feel like to wait until 4am so I can order mcbreakfast though! But I doubt I can withstand it till then! Toasted tuna sandwich anyone? ;p


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  1. I had a great time watching BenRanAway videos XD the make upn lesson was hilarious
    weeh mcbreakfast sounds good :9

  2. The videos are so funnyyy. did not fail to make me laugh.
    & you look like CL from 2NE1, the male version of course.
    cant wait for the new video to be uploadedd! :)