Sleeping beauty on this lazy December

December 09, 2012

I think laziness have started kicking into me and I've been doing nothing but just sleeping all day long recently. Well, maybe I also did watch some sitcoms and had my regular meals as well but other than that it's just sleep! Can somebody tell me how awesome is this? Holiday should be spent like this! Heh! :3

But on the other hand, I also can't wait for school to start (maybe just 1% only lololol) cause it's been so long since I see my uni mates! Anyway, talking about sitcoms right. I just completed 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23' Season 1 and waiting for their Season 2 episode 5 to be out! As well as waiting for '2 Broke Girls' one as well! I'm thinking of what other to watch while waiting leh and Ran asked me to watch 'HIMYM' or '90210' but they already have so many season until I abit lazy to start watching from season 1.

Maybe I should just continue watching 'Gossip Girl' hor, but it's been quite some time since I watched it and I've already forgotten which season I stopped at even wtf.


typicalbenin the taxi camwhore with blue hair

Went to town to meet Ting after her work for dinner the other day!

iphone 5 gold diamond screen protector

Randomly snap a picture of my phone while waiting for the cab!

typicalben cab selca with blue hair 2

Camwhoring on the cab again lol (hope y'all don't get sick of it)!

typicalben cab selca with blue hair

Another one!

the view from cab

typicalben ting at orchard

Finally met her! :D

soft boiled eggs orchard

She went to have some small bites while we catch up alittle! It's been so long!

view outside orchard takashimaya

Love going town during the weekdays cause it's less crowded!

ting having japanese food

Dinner time! Having jap food!

my yummy japanese food

Mine! It was pretty yummy!

gold diamond iphone 5

Anyway, I'm using back the gold diamond screen protector again!

my cute iphone 5 cover

My cute little iPhone cover but I only managed to use it for awhile only!
Cause I bought like alot of new covers along the way, but I'm gonna use it back again soon!

typicalben random camwhore shot at orchard

After shopping, which was not that fruitful.... thus we decided to take more pictures!

typicalben half body shot at orchard

Me again for the umpteen times! Anyway, the polo tee I'm wearing is from Jipaban!

typicalben ting selca

Another shot with Ting as I end this entry off! Bye! :D


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  1. Anonymous11:01 pm

    omg ben you are looking better and better as day goes by wtf. Actually now right, in pictures you are already better than many kpop stars, I wonder why are you still not as popular as xiaxue or qiu qiu them. Cuz you know, there are many female lifestyle bloggers out there but when it comes to male, I could think of you only. I don't think yutakis them could stand out though. In a long run right, maybe you should do some planning or produce more yummy entries or be a full-time blogger I don't know, but I am sure that if you want to do it, you could! Hope that I can keep seeing you shining in blogosphere!!!:DDDDD

    1. Thankyou!!! I'm really touched!! It's you guys that kept me going!! :')

  2. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Where you get your lion iPhone cover?