My 2012 mini recap!

January 01, 2013

Hello everyone!! Sorry for being MIA from my blog as well as all other social media recently!! Before I start getting all noisy on my blog and flood you guys with entries, I shall do a mini recap for 2012!!

It's been quite an awesome year for me cause everything goes so well!! To me, mundane normal life is also considered as awesome already cause at least we are still alive and kicking! No illness and stuff like that! And so, I hope 2013 will be a even better year for me and you people too!! Thank you guys for still reading and standing by my side (lololol! I know I sound very mushy!), I promise to continue blogging and entertain/accompany/motivate you guys with all my entries! Here comes the recap......

Turned 23 and had a simple birthday celebration with my bffs, Fingers and some of my other friends!

Bought a super cute terrapin which I named it 'Asparagus' and I love so much, but sadly it died a month later which made me cried so hard for it cause I wanted to bring him to the vet the next morning but he just didn't make it through. :(

Finally blogged about my orange polka dots room after years!!!
I'm very happy that alot of you guys love this entry alot, cause I love it alot too!!

Joined the Instagram bandwagon during March this year after much persuasion by everyone!
Have you followed me there yet? My username is: "typicalben"

My blog is one of the finalist running for the Best Lifestyle Blog for Singapore Blog Awards this year!
I really wanna thank everyone who made the effort to vote for me! Thank you so much, I appreciate it alot!

Went back for my first annual ICT this year which I had to dye my hair back to black for it.

Told you guys some small little tricks with photoshop that you can do to make your pictures look better!

Cannot believe that I actually cried super hard when I got my 2nd semester results wtf. Don't judge!
Well, and I also completed my 3rd semester as well! All pass and even got distinction! Yay!

Dressed up for photoshoot and be Captain America for a day lololol!

Went for NDP preview cause Ran got tickets for it as he's one of the official blogger this year!

Filmed with Reelity Showdown Season 1 with which I paired up with Ran and we won in the end!
You can watch the whole of season 1 here and read the entries I blogged about here & here!

Continued from the previous point, I also gotten a very bad scar on my neck now due to filming Reelity Showdown
Season 1 during the paintball challenge! :( It's really quite bad and ugly, maybe I should blog
about it soon cause I don't think I did mention this on my blog before!

One of my worst illness this year is food poisoning! I think I almost died from it cause I keep vomiting and having diarrhea non stop even when I was sleeping wtf. Can you imagine how gross it is lolol!

Changed my hair colour and hairstyle quite afew times as well! Other than black which was previously mentioned,
I also did maroon, purple, orange & blue + purple highlights! Which is your favourite?

Bought and surprise mummy with a LV wallet that she wanted for the longest time!

Went to Bintan for short getaway with Amelia! And then Genting Snow World for advertorial!
Genting again for filming with for Season 2 of Reelity Showdown (you guys can watch it here)!
Lastly, a 12 days Taiwan trip with Ran (which I'll blog about it soon) & a malacca trip!

Gotten a new laptop and a new camera! :D

Did some videos with Ran for our Youtube Channel, BenRanAway this year as well!
The videos we did are: Make Wish Lantern, For The SNSD Fans, How supermarket TV ad should be like...,
Uncle Agony, Makeup Tutorial for Guys! & General Knowledge Quiz.

Last but not least, I completed wearing ALL 21 sets of my invisalign aligners!!!! So my teeth is really straight now,
but no it's not done yet cause there's still 20+ more of refinement sets to go to make it even straighter!
You can read my invisalign journey here!


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