Short Malacca trip with relatives!

January 02, 2013

Helloo everyone!!! I guess I haven't properly wished you guys a happy new year yet on on my blog right (I did it over on twitter + facebook + instagram)..... so once again, happy new year to all of you!!!! :D

I guess I'll be staying home these few days so you can expect quite abit of updates, and also school is officially starting this coming Monday as well! It will be my 2nd last semester already! How time files!

And for this year I'll try to be focus on the things that matters and are important to me, I'll leave that to another entry which I probably named it 'New Year Resolution' lololol! Though I always don't really keep them like in the past, I'll try to do so this year. Since I think the resolutions for this year are all pretty manageable kind! Anyway, just some pictures of the short Malacca trip that I went with my relatives!

It's a pretty much last minute trip, and I went with my parents together with my maternal side relatives! Grandma and grandpa went as well, plus all my cousins so it's quite fun! But Ran did not go due to army though, I think he took too much leave for our Taiwan trip already lol! But hey, Taiwan was really fun! It's all worth it! And I didn't take much pictures this trip at all, was enjoying and relaxing myself!

Alright, pictures time!!!!!!

lunch at malacca restaurant wth relatives

Once we reached Malacca, we went to have our lunch straight! Was famished!

food at malacca restaurant

Some of the food we ordered!!

Sometimes it feels good to go out with older adults, cause like you don't have to do or be responsible for anything when it comes to decision making and stuff like that. Cause we are always a children in their eyes lolol, which I love it! Hahahaha! Though I'm going to turn 24 this month! O.M.G -_-

cousins at malacca

All the kids playing over at my room which I shared with another 2 cousins!

val with my leg lol

The cheeky Valerie with my leg lolol!

cute lucas

And look who we have here, my super cute Lucas!!!!!!

lucas candid

Another candid shot of him! *melts*

seafood crab malacca

And we went to have seafood that night!!! :D

typicalben with binghong at lift

The trip was 3D2N, and this is the second day already!
Went to shopping with my cousin and we bought quite abit of stuff!

relatives at A&W

Then we went to have A&W for some bites while we take a break from shopping!

typicalben binghong A&W

Me and cousin!

A&W onion rings

Love A&W onion rings!!!

A&W fried chicken

Had their fried chicken as well!

A&W root beer float

Also not forgetting root beer float!

qunyao and binghong at malacca

Then is shopping again at night with cousins again lolol!!!

typicalben grandma binghong at malacca

With grandma, who never look at the camera one hahaha!!

typicalben aunt binghong at malacca

With our aunt!!

turkey deco

The huge turkey deco over at the hotel lobby!

view from our malacca hotel

The view from our hotel room!

typicalben camwhore malacca

Never really camwhore much throughout the trip, but here's one!

with lucas playing with my phone

Ending off this entry with the cutest Lucas playing with my phone before we head back to Singapore!


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  1. Ooo Sharetea! :D Wonder if you tried the mango one, that one very nice! And your father looks so alike you and Randy (more to Randy) LOL.

  2. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Siao! Ben's father also never come out in this entry , you mentioned it for what? Is not the first time I saw you simply commenting on people's blog or instagram pictures, you are just an attention seeker, but please, don't do it here.

    1. Anonymous4:05 pm

      I was thinking where was Ben's father as well.

  3. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Isn't that binghong?! He grew so much xD

  4. Dint know u came to Malacca!! I could be your tour guide ! lol

  5. may i know what camera are you using? the one you take in the lift with your coussie! :)

  6. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Which hotel is that?