One day trip to JB, Malaysia!

January 03, 2013

I've been talking about going to JB to meet Minting together with Chinhao cause since Minting stays over there (though she works here now and study here before that) so she can actually bring us around JB!

And what's even better is that she drives there, so it would be even easier for us to travel to places we never been before over at JB! Cause usually I'll just go City Square or KSL mall since it's near the custom! But all these talks didn't really happen until recently, where we finally went over to meet her during the weekends! Yay! As excited as I am, it's quite a "bad day" for me as I didn't manage to get any sleep the night before at all, so I was so dead and tired throughout the whole trip though it's really fun...

It would have been better if I get proper sleep or at least some sleep before going over, plus the jam during the weekends was so horrible that I can die! Imagine me without any sleep and still standing on the crowded bus stuck in the jam on the highway (especially when we are coming back at night) was tortuous!

But overall it was fun with great company and yummy food!!! Can't wait to see them again!!

typicalben camwhore on minting car JB

Me on Minting's car to our first destination to have our lunch!

minting driving in JB

Took a shot of Minting driving and Chinhao over at the front seat!
Oh! And it was quite a rainy day that day as well!

Chuan Xin Abalone Noodles restaurant

Yay! We reached! She bought us to this Chuan Xin restaurant to have abalone noodles!

Apparently, from what I know it's quite famous one and alot of people have been saying it's really good! So I was quite excited when she say she's going to bring me to have abalone noodles cause I love abalone lol!!!

Chuan Xin Abalone Noodles restaurant people

The crowd over at the restaurant, which Minting say was not that bad as compared to other days.

minting at chinhao deciding what to eat JB

Them choosing what to eat!

And in the end, I ordered a big bowl of abalone noodles together with Chinhao while Minting had a small bowl! Cause they say small bowl doesn't have abalone one, there's only abalone if you ordered the big bowl! Hahaha! So of course I ordered the big bowl lah! If come here never eat like abit stupid right, and it's 11rm only leh! Plus the big bowl is not really that big also, it's just like normal portion.

Chuan Xin Abalone Noodles soup

The soup! I had my noodles separated as dry noodles!

Chuan Xin Abalone Noodles - Abalone

The abalone! 2 pieces only lolol!

Abalone noodles

I think it's the clam stuff or something right! I don't know what's this called!
But I know it's under the abalone family one hahahaha!!

Chuan Xin Abalone Noodles

The dry noodles!

apple juice at JB

And guess what's my drink? Apple juice!!! Hahaha IKR, it looks unappetising!

minting chinhao typicalben camwhore in car JB

Us camwhoring in the car after we had our lunch before moving to another place!

rainy day from car

Still raining non stop! But hey, this shot looks quite pretty right! Hahaha!

colourful cute school

Past by this colourful kindergarten school over there! It's so cute and colourful!!!

christmas deco at NEON JB

Over at Aeon shopping mall! Look at their Chirstmas deco!

There's quite abit of things to shop there but I was so dead tired I didn't have any mood to shop at all, at some point of time I didn't know what was I even doing lor! Yes, I was that tired! So wasted right! We then went to grab some coffee and sit down to chit chat instead! Next time I wanna go there again!!

shopping over at NEON

Before leaving the mall! Check out my tiny eyes! (- -)v

walking to JB seafood restaurant

She then brought us to have seafood dinner before we end our day and go back to Singapore!

route to  JB seafood restaurant

I don't really remember where exactly is the place but it was quite ulu kind!

JB houses

There are families living there too!

JB seafood restaurant view

And the restaurant is by the sea! So it's quite awesome!

JB seafood restaurant sea view

The view from our table!

And now to the food that we ordered! We didn't ordered alot since I don't think we can eat that much, cause practically in a very short span of time, we have been eating and drinking non stop!

JB seafood - black pepper crab

Black pepper crab!!

I don't understand why everyone loves black pepper crab, not that I don't like but it's not one of my favourite way to cook the crab lor! But it seems like everyone around me likes it alot!

JB seafood - tofu

Okay, I couldn't remember what is this lol! I think is some toufu thing?

JB seafood - cereal prawn

Cereal prawns!!! My favourite!!!

JB seafood - vegetables



Wanted to take a picture of the restaurant but end up all is bokeh shots!
But not bad lah, quite pretty also, so I'm just gonna post it hahaha!

malaysia 20 dollars note

Their 20 dollars note which is in orange! Minting say it's new one and not alot of people have it!
I've never seen it before leh, first time seeing it and it looks really new!

Hahaha! I know I very 'boliao' to take picture of the 20 dollars note lah, but I don't care!!! Anyway, we have come to end of this entry and I can't wait to go back to JB to have Minting to drive us around again! But thinking about the jam during the weekends makes me have to think twice about it lol! Till tomorrow! Bye!


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  1. Hahaa...I really doubt the abalones....real meh?....=p

  2. The dry noddles look like spaghetti.

  3. OMG OMG OMG I LIVE IN JB!!! Tell us when you're coming again then maybe I can go there and act like I 'bumped into you' :p