Went to my Secondary school band concert!

January 04, 2013

Went to my secondary school band concert the other day and it brought so much memories back to me! I think one of the main highlight of my secondary school days is the fun when I'm in the band! All the practices, camps, exchange, concert, syf competition, drills, overseas trip and so much more!!

And I think all band members are very bonded and hold a very strong friendship, and you will find your best friends there and eventually form a group "bffs" afterwards since the time spent in band is crazily alot! I remember we have practices like 4 times a week (including Saturdays) during normal days and almost everyday when we have concert coming up or syf! It's been really really fun and memorable!

I don't know if those who are new to my blog knows this, but I think those who followed my blog for some time already will know! Anyway, I played the saxophone! And my bffs, Fingers are all from band as well!

opus concert 2012

Went to the concert the other day with Fingers! Zj was playing as alumni!

And we did played for the first 2 OPUS concert, the first one as band member and the second is as alumni! But was so busy afterwards with my life that I didn't have the time to play the Saxophone anymore! :(

regent concert band

The current band members! Looking at them makes me feel old wtf.
They are like so young! I think got 10 years younger than me lololol! T_T

primary school strings playing

They also have guest players! The string ensemble from the primary school is super cute!

We had a quick chat with our conductor, Mr Lim after the concert ends as well and I really missed him so much! He taught us alot of things and valuable life lesson that we can't never learn elsewhere during our secondary school days! I've never regretted joining the band and for those who are in band now will sure understand what I'm saying! So for those who are currently in band right, do enjoy your days in the band k! And don't skip band practices (though I sometimes do lolol)! Okay, till tomorrow or maybe later!


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  1. Oh, during your batch, do your band perform here also?

    Playing saxophone, quite difficult, huh?

    p/s: Hye, nice to know bout your blog, I'm from Malaysia. :)

  2. Anonymous3:21 pm

    I am confused now, are you gay? Suddenly so close with Ed.

  3. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Let me guess, you quarrel with Randy eh? Why suddenly took down the dessert challenge? Very nice leh that video!