Ranpical pictures all over!

February 26, 2013

It's been so so long since I used the word ranpical lolol! For those people who have been with me since last time would know what it mean, so anyway.... going post up some pictures then I'll go sleep! U_U

I'm really tired now, I don't know why but I can't seems to fall asleep even when I'm really tired. So for the past few weeks, I've been feeling so tired but when I'm my bed, I can't sleep at all! :( Is there anything wrong with me wtf. And I only can fall asleep when it's morning like after 5-6am! -_- This is really too much for me lah, cause I've been so busy lately with school + meetings + events and I cannot afford to sleep at 6am and waking up at 9am on days which I know I'll spend like the whole day out! Can die zzzz!

And also, I've been getting skinnier recently as well. Omg I really think I need proper sleep and food, if not I think I'll become malnourished and with my whole face covered with dark eye circles and eye bags!

Okay, I'll go to my bed after this okay, but can sleep or not I don't know! Hopefully can!! :D

typicalben at mustafa again

Went Mustafa again the other day!

mustafa luggage

Over at the bag and luggage section! And this bag is a no-no!

singapore famous laksa

Had laksa nearby there as well! It was pretty good! Love laksa!

And do you all feel that the way I edit my food pictures now right makes it looks so good and yummy! Omg I think I can be a food blogger already lor! The colours and everything so nice!!! Hahahaha!!

typicalben jingjing

The other time with Jingjing doing shopping before school reopens!
And yes, both of us are trying to do cute poses lolol!!!

girl's generation poster bugis

Hello Jessica! Huge poster of SNSD over at Bugis!

typicalben amelia imperial treasure steamboat hehe

With Amelia having imperial treasure steamboat!

fresh prawns imperial treasure steamboat

Love their steamboat cause their ingredients are all very fresh!

imperial treasure steamboat pork

Kurobuta pork belly! My favouriteeeee!

typicalben with fingers

Okay, ending off with a picture of me together with Fingers again!!
I'm going to brush teeth and go sleep already! Goodnight! New entry tomorrow! :D


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