Hello NUS!!!

March 19, 2013

Feeling super hardworking the other day, I went over to NUS to find Kx from home! She have been super busy with school lately as it's her final year, so I thought it would be good if I can bring my laptop over to do some work (edit some pictures lolol) while she study and also to catch up with her at the same time! :)

nus view

She then brought me to this little cafe near central library for our lunch! And I pretty like the surrounding view there cause it's like a really nice place to chill, though their food is just so-so lolol!

orange juice nus

Both of us had orange juice! Healthy k! :D

kexin nus

The super busy Kx! Miss her so much!

typicalben eating at nus

Yay food is here while I took a selca! :p

food at nus

Her's! Cheesy meatball spaghetti!

chicken chop at nus

And mine, boring chicken chop! Hahaha!

ootd nus ypicalben

My ootd (without my porter bagpack)!
Top: Taiwan, Wufenpu - Laptop sleeve: 15" orange sleeve from Tagger

typicalben ootd taiwan cute top

Close up of my top! Quite cute right! I bought 3 different design of it!
Show you guys next time when I wear the other 2 design!

typicalben nus studying laptop

We then head over to UTown to do work!

typicalben nus studying look

Me feeling so tired and sleepy after the meal! Giving you the (-_-) face lolol!

typicalben nus studying

One last picture! I pretty love NUS because they have plenty of space and rooms for you to study and the environment is all very conducive too! Maybe I'll go there to study for my exams for this semester!

Omg and talking about exams, it's coming already!! Late April to May!!! T_T


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  1. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Good luck for your exams!

  2. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Ah Ben, now I find that you looked good in red hair oooops hahaha! Ehhh that shunji matsuo link is not reachable one, purposely or what?! Faster blog about your red hair lah, I am gonna do that soon XD

  3. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Awwwww, ben why you so cute. Looking forward to your new blog entry 😍😍😍😍

  4. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Please do not crowd NUS utown especially during exam period. TYVM lol

  5. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Yea please don't come to NUS during your exam period. Overlap with ours. It is already difficult enough for nus students to find a place to study during exam period.