I had a dream that I lost a huge chunk my hair

March 20, 2013

Wahlao you know the other day, I had a dream that I lost a huge chunk my hair and I'm almost bald!

I think it's considered as nightmare lor cause after I woke up I was really scared and went to check the mirror whether did I really lose almost all of my hair! Omg I cannot believe what will happen if I lose all of my hair! You all still will like me not! Hahaha! I think I had that dream partly because of the comments left by you guys (who are worried for me) on my Instagram, telling me to be careful and not to dye my hair so frequently cause you all say it will damage my hair, get cancer and or sorts of thing etc etc.

Plus recently I myself also think that I lose quite abit of my hair (hair falls) due to frequent dyeing too! Cause I remember last time my hair was as thick as bush lololol, but now it's really not so thick anymore!

So I guess these are the reasons why I had that dream lah!!!

I'm not blaming you all, actually I'm very happy that people are genuinely worried and concern for me because who will bother to leave such comments if they don't care or bother about someone right! It's only when people care and concern about you, then they will leave such comments to tell you. I think the relationship that I have and build with you guys is really awesome, we will always share our stuff, genuinely concern and support each other which it's something I'm very proud of (and you guys should be too)! :D

So after that dream right, I've also decided that I'm not going to dye my hair so frequently now because I don't wanna go bald then regret! Hahaha! Later you all really leave me and don't read my blog how??!

I will be very sad, you all this superficial people!! Hahaha!!! Don't say still will read, I think some of you all won't lor! Hahaha! Tsk! I'll still dye my hair but maybe less frequently or will ask them not to touch my scalp! Like my recent deep ash blue colour right, they didn't touch my scalp at all! They leave like 1cm of hair roots so it's not so hurtful to my scalp cause there's bleaching involved! Will blog about it soon!!

typicalben deep blue hair selca

Okay, that's all for today! I'll blog another entry up in awhile after I shower!! See you all again later!!


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  1. i like how you always have new hairstyles and hair colours. sometimes i wish that I were as gutsy as you and have new looks every day!

  2. Anonymous4:38 pm

    The dream isnt really about your hair. Something else is upsetting you and your hair is that thing. You may be having probs. with a relationship and afraid of losing them. I use to dream about my front teeth falling out. We dream things that dont make any sense to us but really they are telling you something is going on while you are awake.