OOTD + School + Antoinette + Tonkatsu!

March 03, 2013

OOTD typicalben

Top: Design For Men from Taiwan - Bottom: Olive green pants from Uniqlo
Shoes: Orange suede high cut from Pedro

typicalben OOTD

Super love the pants from Uniqlo cause it's so comfy and nice to wear so I keep wearing it lol! Also, not forgetting the Pedro shoes which I wore it for my whole trip at Taiwan! Very comfortable too!

elaine typicalben eug in class

During lesson time! With Elaine and Eug!

cookie monster pencil case and paul frank planner

My Cookie Monster pencil case (gotten from Taiwan) which I think it's way too act cute so usually I don't dare to take out cause people might judge me wtf. Hahahaha! And my Paul Frank planner! :D

typicalben lesson in school

Selca of myself in class! :p

typicalben huiling jj eug in school

Another picture after school with JJ, Hui and Eug!!

tea at Antoinette

Went Antoinette with my blog manager for a quick chat after meeting client!

strawberry shortcake at Antoinette

Tried their strawberry shortcake cause she say it's nice, and it's not that bad! Pretty good!

angie zj at TONKATSU by Ma Maison

Then dinner at TONKATSU by Ma Maison at Mandarin Gallery with Angie and Zj!

TONKATSU by Ma Maison shrimp cutlet

They both had the same thing but they didn't had pork lor! So stupid one, people go there eat the pork but they go eat some shrimp thing! But it also taste pretty good lah! But not as good as mine lololol!

typicalben at TONKATSU by Ma Maison

Me me me!!!

TONKATSU by Ma Maison

Tell me mine looks delicious please!! I really love it!! It's 'kurobuta rosu katsu' I think!!

TONKATSU by Ma Maison pork cutlet

I think it taste super yummy (not rough or anything cause people always think pork meat will be rough) plus the service there was good! Also there's free refill of rice and salad too! Not bad not bad!

typicalben mandrain gallery

Ending off with a picture of me at the couch are at Mandarin Gallery where I lost my camera pouch and my memory card there wtf. In the end people returned my camera pouch to the lost & found but the memory card is not there anymore! Super crazy cause the person who took my memory card can see all our unglam pictures for our Taiwan trip! Memory card so cheap only also wanna steal! Tsk tsk tsk! :(


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