Société Canteen & CoverMyBagel

March 04, 2013

I overslept today again and missed my morning lesson! :(

I think I never go for quite a number of my 8.30am lesson already, cause I couldn't wake myself up! If I want to find excuses for myself, I would say cause recently there are so many work to do and I've been so busy! So last night I was doing work until 3am++, you tell me how to wake up at 6am++! Hahaha!

Okay lah, I know it's a lousy excuse soooo... I'm going to change topic! Hahaha! Anyway I've so much school work to do, I think I need to do tonight if not JJ/Huiling they all are going to slap me lololol! So I'm now going post up some pictures then go do already! I'll blog a longer entry tomorrow okay! :D

Société Canteen

Went Société Canteen alone to chill and do work alone before meeting client!

hot chocolate Société Canteen

Had hot chocolate while doing work! I think not everyone can make good hot chocolate lor. Some taste so bad that, I think I last time buy those instant pack one taste so much better!

covermybagel advert

Anyway, the new iPhone cover that I'm currently using now!

covermybagel case advert

"You are wonderful and I love you!"

typicalben covermybagel advert

You can get it from! ;)
They also have alot of other cute covers as well! Go check them out!


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